Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If only you cared!

Many many people are suffering all over the world. For various reasons. From hunger to war to being an orphanage.

This is when we, people who are fortunate to having a good life should lend a hand. Or at least donate to the unfortunates.

For now I introduce you World Vision Malaysia! Started from year 1997, World Vision Malaysia had helped many many childrens from various countries with help from sponsors. They had raised millions and millions of dollar to help childrens and family suffering from poverty.

You can be a sponsor to help them. Only RM50 a month can save a child's life. Adopt a child for only RM50 per month. Trust me, your small contribution will make a difference.

Members of this blog intends to do the same when the right time comes as we are only teenagers. But we will not give up on helping others. Age is not a factor to us. No matter how young how immature you think we are, we believe that if we are willing to sacrifise for charity, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I hope we will be able gain support from people of all walks. Charity starts at home but should not end there. There are many more people who needs our help. Do not discriminate. We should help all in need no matter what race, religion and skin colour.

Start today by adopting a child! Click here

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