Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Charity by buying chicken rice at RM2.50!

Is it that hard to help a sick and needy person to buy a plate of chicken rice?
after all, it only cost about RM2.50 in school.

Charity is about helping ppl, especially the SICK and NEEDY.

So next time when someone asks u to help him/her buy food,
regardless whether it is bak kut teh or chicken rice...


who knows... that plate/bowl of food might just save his/her life...

Charity comes from the heart, regardless of the size.
  • Buying food for ppl
  • Saving an ant
  • Picking up rubbish to save the environment
  • etc.
Speaking of ants.... to ALL animal activists out there!!

Lets all be practical... We live in a world where the
"strong will survive and the weak shall perish".
So.. in a scenario where it's 'kill or be killed'....
For example, u come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle.

what can u do?

Do you give up ur own life just because of ur love for animals?
Definitely NO!
Do you run away?
NO! cause u can nvr outrun an animal.
So wat do u do?

I'm not trying to say it's good to kill
It's BAD to kill!

However i must say that it's ur bad karma if u happen to come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle!

So my point is... DO CHARITY!!
this world would be a much better place....
u will also find that ur luck will also improve...
(u won't meet furious bears in the middle of the jungle)
u get emo less as u've seen ppl with worse luck..
There's also the saying 'the more u give, the more u get'..

so.. wat r u waiting for?
get out there and DO CHARITY!

sekian, terima kasih!

Monday, March 19, 2007

god is watching. :)

why do people do charity?

a random question was raised in the middle of our english lesson.
Our teacher raised her eyebrows, obviously expecting for an answer.

there was silence in the class.

how akward. how ironic. afterall, this is the best class. shouldn't they be *cough* experinced in charity stuffs.
a thought cross my mind.

after what seem like a kazillion light years away, a plump hand was raised.

heads turned.
oh. him.

helping people is actually being selfish. they're actually helping themselves.

why am i not surprise.
i rolled my eyes dramatically.

As much as i wanna say no, i gotta admit. this guy here has some point.

My teacher nodded in agreement and went on with how religions these days motivate people into doing good deeds in order to reach heaven/ get a good karma.

maybe just a minority of the human population thinks that way. i don't know, i don't read minds.

but frankly speaking, if you're helping others just because u feel like god is watching, its like doing your homework just because you fear your teacher. which i felt, is a mislead.

do homework, in order to gain education.
Do charity, in order to make the world a better place.

but even if you're holding a " oh god is watching me and i wanna look real good " kind of intention, still, atleast, implant a sense of " aah. i wanna help people too! " kinda intention.

u people get me? :)


a smallest good deed, is always greater than the biggest intention.

have a nice day.


Monday, March 12, 2007

World Vision : Skip a meal to feed a child!

International humanitarian organisation World Vision Malaysia has launched a new initiative called the World Vision Skip-A-Meal Campaign to increase public awareness on hunger and hunger-related issues.

The campaign is targeted at corporations that want to be actively involved in a meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, company-wide.
Participating corporations are urged to play an active role by encouraging their staff to skip a meal, or have a light meal, and donate the money that would have been spent on the forgone meal.

“Hunger is seldom discussed in Malaysia. Malaysians, generally, do not realise that hunger is a global issue, and has been for many years.

“In many ways, we are cocooned because of the abundance we enjoy,” said World Vision Malaysia executive director Liew Tong Ngan.

“By embarking on the Skip-A-Meal Campaign, corporations are able to get their staff from all levels involved in a simple yet meaningful CSR programme that can make a tangible difference in addressing the global issue of hunger,” Liew added.

World Vision Malaysia hopes to attract 200 local corporations to participate in the nationwide campaign between now and the end of April.

The amount to be donated for each skipped meal has been set at RM10 for breakfast, RM20 for lunch and RM50 for dinner.

The campaign aims to raise RM50,000 for the World Vision Malaysia Children's Development Fund to fight hunger and poverty.

To help its corporate partners to be more focused, World Vision Malaysia has earmarked April 1 to 8 as the Skip-A-Meal Campaign week.

Participating corporations or individuals can identify a day within that period to skip the meal of their choice; they can even opt to skip more than a meal a day.

For more information, call 03-7880 6414 or visit
[Article extracted from TheStar Online]
Our two cents,
Start doing your bid today for charity! Skipping a meal won't kill you. Infact by doing so you might save a life! So start acting!

Friday, March 02, 2007 n 1 all the situations, events, people etc that influence the way in which people live or work: a helpful learning environment a more competitive economic environment 2 the environment the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live: More legislation is needed to protect the environment. adj concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth: the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry n someone who is concerned about protecting the environment

environmental friendly adj soaps, containers etc that are environmentally friendly do not harm the environment

Source : Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English International Students Edition


Yeah, a post on the Environment again.

As you can see for yourself based on the above definitions, the Environment (air, land, or water) affects all (people, animals, and plants).

Mankind should stop being so selfish and start being more considerate to the Environment.


The Air...
Smoking in public should be banned. "Tak Nak!!"
People should learn how to car-pool.
Public transportation is always available.
Factories should filter the exhaust fumes/smoke.
Deforestation must be put to a stop.
Open burning causes serious pollution.

The Land...
Littering sucks.
Less chemicals/fertilizers should be used.
Development must be controlled.
Littering really sucks.
So do something. Recycle.

The Water...
Toxic waste should go to other places.
Stop throwing rubbish in.
Told you littering sucks.
Please don't be doing any form of business here.
Have mercy on the aquatic organisms.


Here are some situations/things that I really dislike:

The traffic light is red. The driver of the car infront of me opens his door/window. He looks around. What does he do next? "Kaaa-puiiiiii!!" Spits out of his car. *SPLAT* Gross.

My neighbour. Smoking infront of the lifts. The smoke and smell goes into every unit on the 9th floor. Can't he just smoke at his balcony??

Some guy on a motorbike speeds past. Guess what you see next? Something flying away from him. The piece of rubbish he just threw into the air like that.

In a restaurant. An air-conditioned one. At the non-smoking section. An old man taking out the pack of cigarettes from his shirt's pocket. He lights it with a lighter and puffs away happily. What do I do? Go *COUGH COUGH* on purpose. Sometimes the person beside him realises what I'm doing. Guess what? Nothing is ever done. Why do I even try...

The worst of all. During camps. Going into the river to have some fun. What do we find? That's right. Diapers. Not empty ones. The types that are loaded with you-know-what. Why can't these parents be a little more responsible and take care of their child's 'product'?


That's my post for today. Will update again as soon as I'm free and able to use the computer. Ciaos.