Monday, October 22, 2007

Official Notice of Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

The official notice is here. The Fund Raising Campaign will kick start on 1st of November till the 24th of December. Pretty long period I know but in order for people to notice this a lot of effort and marketing needs to be done. Therefore, the campaign is of a long period. If you are did not notice my 1st post on this campaign click here.

By starting this Campaign I certainly do not hope for a few hundred thousand dollars. My personal target for this campaign is RM2000. Although not a lot of money but considering this blog is still pretty new and not frequently updated in the past this amount I target is concededly high. Here once again I hope to gain support from everyone. There is a Chinese proverb saying ‘ If you have the money then donate money but if you do not then help with the strength you have. The strength we bloggers have is the gifted talent of writing. So besides donating please help spread the word to all your blog readers.

I will post the bank in details and all once everything has been finalised. On another note, I am in the midst of selling another of my blog. Therefore to kickstart this campaign, I'll be donating the first RM100. Cheers! =D

For those who are wondering which charity home or organisation we will be donating to, to be honest i've reviewed many but still have not decide. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to share with us. We will be very glad to support any organisation or home without looking at your skin colour, religion and culture. We all live under one roof that is Malaysia. All of us should be proud on being BANGSA MALAYSIA.

I really a really meaningful article from on doing charity. Well close to it. The title of his post is 'It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Give'. He said that we have to give in order to get. What he meant there was if we want to be really successful in life in all ways we first have to learn how to give. To give can be in terms of many forms. Like for instance you can donate to this campaign or you could help one to cross the road. That is also a form of giving. People who are rich but selfish are often lonely. I bet we all do not want to live a lonely live. People around you will like you more if you do charity. That is the fact. In this 17 years I've been living I've seen many things. At the least I could say that I understand the true meaning of doing charity. I want to see smiles on other people's faces. I want to make a person happy.

You can make a difference. Start by donating to this campaign. I ensure you that you will feel good and happy. After you have donated, keep track of what we are doing. Know where your money has gone to and I ensure you again that you will be happier. You will see smiles on people's faces and you share the joy they are in. I guess thats all I have to say. To donate here or not is not the most important. If you do not have faith in us it is fine. But don't stop doing charity. Search for other well known organisations. They will be able to assist you. As long as you do charity no matter where you do it does not matter. Thank You once again.

I have also designed a simple poster with details on this campaign. Later on, I will create more banners and buttons for bloggers to help promote this Fund Raising Campaign. Feel free to use this poster if you intend to promote this campaign. Thanks.

Re: Pay It Forward

Interesting how YY mentioned bout this concept. If I'm not mistaken, I watched a movie with the same title two years ago. Can't really remember the storyline, but the message that was being put through was definitely strong.

I just found out that there was a book written bout it too. Think that the movie was based on that novel.

Anyways, if you'd like to know more bout the 'Pay It Forward' concept, feel free to check out

Spread the word and start paying it forward whenever you have the chance.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

From the starting of next month till the 24th of December, this blog will be organising a fund raising campaign. This campaign is to raise funds for the less fortunates. Everything is still at the planning stage therefore I will not be able reveal much yet. This campaign will be held by a few individuals with a kind heart and not by an organization. Therefore I sincerely hope that all our readers will have faith in us to carry out this campaign.

This post is merely to gain support from people of all walks. As for the fund raising, it will only be held later on. The campaign stops on the 24th of December is so that we are in time to give out the funds as a Christmas Gift. Full details of this campaign will soon to be revealed and I really hope everyone will support our good action.

For those who are interested in donating regardless of the amount you can contact us at or contact me personally @ 0176139528 (Philip Yong). This campaign will be headed by me with a few friends assisting me. All of us will play a big role in this campaign to make it a success. If time is willing, I am most happy to meet up with anyone of you who have doubts about this campaign. I know this is a realistic world and people tend to not trust such cases as many people out there are cheating money by fund raising. But be ansured that the funds raised by us will be given fully to the less fortunate.

Dear bloggers I also hope that you'll help us to spread the word about this campaign. As we all know words by mouth are the most powerful.

Lastly, I thank all our readers for supporting us and May God Bless You! Thank You.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pay it forward. No you don't need money for that.

Bless this blog.
I'm updating this.

Recently, i've read this article in Star about " Pay it forward "
I've honestly love this concept of "paying it forward"

what? whats pay it forward?
no it doesn't mean the McD drive through when the dude behind the window tells you " Pay it, forward la! "

*cough* ahem.
wikipedia : Pay it forward or paying it forward refers to repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people

Seriously. The world should apply this concept in their daily lives.
We don't necessarily need to talk about transfering organs or giving away 8 digits amount of money. OR giving away your whole collection of Jimmy Choos.

Paying it forward can be applied in alot of situation say,

1. Helping the dude behind you pay the toll ( though in normal cases, the only thing the car infront of you is willing to give is the tallest of all his finger . lets face it, we all kena before and we just wish to chop that finger off, don't we? )

2. Giving away sweets or chocolates to anyone who seem upset ( though in normal cases, the people would give you this incredulous look and think you're tryin to poison them and rob their money)

3. Going to others website and saying something nice regarding what they had posted ( though in normal cases, people would just brush it off and post something malicious like for example : You chixin de!/ OMG. You look like a whore! / *something stupid* )

4. Cutting out helpful articles and giving them to people who's interested in the issue ( though in normal cases, people would say " MALAS CUT LA " or " U THINK I SO FREE AH " or the classisc " HE WANTS, HE CUT HIMSELF LA " )

5. Smile at a stranger and brighten his/her day ( though in normal cases, the people you smile at would probably run away screaming " ORANG GILA! ORANG GILA " )

ain't i right?

here's a dare,
you're going to wake up tomorrow, and do something nice to someone you don't know/unrelated too, you won't expect anything for return, and you'll leave with that nice warm fuzzy feeling for doing good.

are you up to it?

Monday, August 20, 2007

I have not given up!

Hey fellow readers. Well I hope this blog still has readers or at least a reader. haha. I haven't been updating this blog nor doing charity lately because of time contraints. You see I have a major examination coming up and I really need to focus. So yeah I decided to neglect this blog for a while but I'll be back eventually. If you followed this blog, you should know that my dream of opening an orphanage has not realised so yeah I won't give up.

I know that opening an orphanage ain't easy but I'll try my best. No matter what. But in order to do so I need a good education so yeah need to focus on my studies at the moment. I received an e-mail from a dear reader recently asking me whether I already sign up to be a sponsor of World Vision. Well, my answer is no. But it will be as soon as I am done with my exam. Hopefully then there will still be a child for me to sponsor.

Here's what the reader, Zarahn wrote

Hey there Philip,
Hello, I've read your World Vision-Sponsor A Childblog and i am pretty
curious and wondering whether youhave already sign up as one of the child
sponsor(asyou did not update your blog for quite some time).Anyway, I have the
same aim as you, to persuade mybrother to sign up and to sponsor another
child.(There are still 37 kids out of 5000 out there waitingfor sponsors)
So you keep it up!

Once again I would like to note that doing charity is a good cause. Don't be selfish the world does not only revolve around you. Do not ask what the world can do for you but ask yourself what can you do for the world.

I'll be back!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting started once more.

Firstly, on behalf on all the authors, I'd like to apologise for the serious lack of updates. We've been busy with our studies. Since the midterm exam is over and done with, we can get back to charity.

We're planning to organize a charity trip this coming July or August. We haven't actually decided where to go. Orphanage? Old folks home? Disabled home? Animal shelter? They're all under consideration.

To you out there. Yes, you. The person reading this post. If you or your organization needs any volunteers or if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address -

Thanks alot for taking your time to visit our blog!! =]

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sponsor A Child!

First of all I would like to apologise on behalf of all authors of this blog for not blogging frequently. We do have valid reasons. Exams had started and I believe we are all struggling. =D That's just what I think. School activities are also very packed so yeah. But here I am trying my very best to bring this blog back alive!

Alright as you see in the title. Sponsor A Child. You might be trying to figure out the meaning behind that sentence right? If you had read the previous post then you shoud know what am I talking about. But nevermind let me go all over again.

Have you heard of World Vision? WV is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to help the less fortunates. Especially children. WV has offices all over the world. Namely those less develop countries. They had also set up a office in Malaysia. Under the name World Vision Malaysia, they had gathered sponsors from Malaysia to sponsor childrens from various countries. Sadly to say that they do not offer to sponsor children from Malaysia because our country is quite developed compared to other countries like Indonesia, India and others.

But to me as long as we have the heart to help others, no matter where we offer our help to does not matter. WVM began in Malaysia in 1997. This year is their 10th Anniversary in Malaysia. Congratulations WVM!

WV has come out with a program to help the children. The name of the program is 'Sponsor A Child'. You can already figure out what it means by looking at the title. Yes sponsor a child for only RM50 a month. Of course if you're wealthly you can sponsor more children. But sponsoring one child is already sufficient. By sponsoring a child you will get to know who are you sponsoring. Pictures of the child will be mailed to you and besides that you can write letters to you sponsored child as well.

Remember, A Kind Deed Will Be Always Remembered. I've already signed up to sponsor a child. But i'm thinking of getting some of my friends to join me as I won't be able to fork out RM50 a month. Quite a burden I would say. Hopefully I would be able to gather some friends. Would you want to join?

So thats all for today. Hope what I've written here would change your mind about doing charity. =D

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If only you cared!

Many many people are suffering all over the world. For various reasons. From hunger to war to being an orphanage.

This is when we, people who are fortunate to having a good life should lend a hand. Or at least donate to the unfortunates.

For now I introduce you World Vision Malaysia! Started from year 1997, World Vision Malaysia had helped many many childrens from various countries with help from sponsors. They had raised millions and millions of dollar to help childrens and family suffering from poverty.

You can be a sponsor to help them. Only RM50 a month can save a child's life. Adopt a child for only RM50 per month. Trust me, your small contribution will make a difference.

Members of this blog intends to do the same when the right time comes as we are only teenagers. But we will not give up on helping others. Age is not a factor to us. No matter how young how immature you think we are, we believe that if we are willing to sacrifise for charity, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I hope we will be able gain support from people of all walks. Charity starts at home but should not end there. There are many more people who needs our help. Do not discriminate. We should help all in need no matter what race, religion and skin colour.

Start today by adopting a child! Click here

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blogger's Choice Award

I've nominated this blog for the Best Charity Blog category at Blogger's Choice Awards.

So vote for us!

My site was nominated for Best Charity Blog!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


hey people. would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. been kinda busy. anyways.

our exams are coming soon. however, right after that, we're planning to carry out a blood donation campaign at our school, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4).

this plan is still at its early stage. it's merely a suggestion right now. but i assure you that me and my friends will make this event a reality.

for those of you who'd like to do some good, stay tuned for more updates! thanks.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blood Donation Campaign

Hospitals cannot function efficiently WITHOUT BLOOD!


Date: 14/4/2007

Venue: Lot316, Atria Shopping Centre

Time: 11.00am to 4.00pm

Jointly organised by Bandar Utama Buddhist Society & Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya



  • You are in good health today(on that day).
  • You are between 18-60 years of age.
  • Your weight is above 45kg.
  • You had more than 6 hours of sleep.
  • You are free from any medical problems. Eg, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Operation<6months
  • You have not taken any antibiotics in the last one week.
  • You are not pregnant or just delivered.
  • You have taken breakfast or light lunch before donating blood.
  • You are not invovled in any of the following activities:
1) Homosexual relationship
2) Bisexual relationship
3) Multiple sex partners
4) Having sexual contact with those mentioned above
5) Drug abuse

Interval between your last blood donation is more than 3 months


Once again, i would like all of you out there to come and
support this blood donation campaign.

It's all for the cause of CHARITY:)


Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Charity by buying chicken rice at RM2.50!

Is it that hard to help a sick and needy person to buy a plate of chicken rice?
after all, it only cost about RM2.50 in school.

Charity is about helping ppl, especially the SICK and NEEDY.

So next time when someone asks u to help him/her buy food,
regardless whether it is bak kut teh or chicken rice...


who knows... that plate/bowl of food might just save his/her life...

Charity comes from the heart, regardless of the size.
  • Buying food for ppl
  • Saving an ant
  • Picking up rubbish to save the environment
  • etc.
Speaking of ants.... to ALL animal activists out there!!

Lets all be practical... We live in a world where the
"strong will survive and the weak shall perish".
So.. in a scenario where it's 'kill or be killed'....
For example, u come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle.

what can u do?

Do you give up ur own life just because of ur love for animals?
Definitely NO!
Do you run away?
NO! cause u can nvr outrun an animal.
So wat do u do?

I'm not trying to say it's good to kill
It's BAD to kill!

However i must say that it's ur bad karma if u happen to come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle!

So my point is... DO CHARITY!!
this world would be a much better place....
u will also find that ur luck will also improve...
(u won't meet furious bears in the middle of the jungle)
u get emo less as u've seen ppl with worse luck..
There's also the saying 'the more u give, the more u get'..

so.. wat r u waiting for?
get out there and DO CHARITY!

sekian, terima kasih!

Monday, March 19, 2007

god is watching. :)

why do people do charity?

a random question was raised in the middle of our english lesson.
Our teacher raised her eyebrows, obviously expecting for an answer.

there was silence in the class.

how akward. how ironic. afterall, this is the best class. shouldn't they be *cough* experinced in charity stuffs.
a thought cross my mind.

after what seem like a kazillion light years away, a plump hand was raised.

heads turned.
oh. him.

helping people is actually being selfish. they're actually helping themselves.

why am i not surprise.
i rolled my eyes dramatically.

As much as i wanna say no, i gotta admit. this guy here has some point.

My teacher nodded in agreement and went on with how religions these days motivate people into doing good deeds in order to reach heaven/ get a good karma.

maybe just a minority of the human population thinks that way. i don't know, i don't read minds.

but frankly speaking, if you're helping others just because u feel like god is watching, its like doing your homework just because you fear your teacher. which i felt, is a mislead.

do homework, in order to gain education.
Do charity, in order to make the world a better place.

but even if you're holding a " oh god is watching me and i wanna look real good " kind of intention, still, atleast, implant a sense of " aah. i wanna help people too! " kinda intention.

u people get me? :)


a smallest good deed, is always greater than the biggest intention.

have a nice day.


Monday, March 12, 2007

World Vision : Skip a meal to feed a child!

International humanitarian organisation World Vision Malaysia has launched a new initiative called the World Vision Skip-A-Meal Campaign to increase public awareness on hunger and hunger-related issues.

The campaign is targeted at corporations that want to be actively involved in a meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, company-wide.
Participating corporations are urged to play an active role by encouraging their staff to skip a meal, or have a light meal, and donate the money that would have been spent on the forgone meal.

“Hunger is seldom discussed in Malaysia. Malaysians, generally, do not realise that hunger is a global issue, and has been for many years.

“In many ways, we are cocooned because of the abundance we enjoy,” said World Vision Malaysia executive director Liew Tong Ngan.

“By embarking on the Skip-A-Meal Campaign, corporations are able to get their staff from all levels involved in a simple yet meaningful CSR programme that can make a tangible difference in addressing the global issue of hunger,” Liew added.

World Vision Malaysia hopes to attract 200 local corporations to participate in the nationwide campaign between now and the end of April.

The amount to be donated for each skipped meal has been set at RM10 for breakfast, RM20 for lunch and RM50 for dinner.

The campaign aims to raise RM50,000 for the World Vision Malaysia Children's Development Fund to fight hunger and poverty.

To help its corporate partners to be more focused, World Vision Malaysia has earmarked April 1 to 8 as the Skip-A-Meal Campaign week.

Participating corporations or individuals can identify a day within that period to skip the meal of their choice; they can even opt to skip more than a meal a day.

For more information, call 03-7880 6414 or visit
[Article extracted from TheStar Online]
Our two cents,
Start doing your bid today for charity! Skipping a meal won't kill you. Infact by doing so you might save a life! So start acting!

Friday, March 02, 2007 n 1 all the situations, events, people etc that influence the way in which people live or work: a helpful learning environment a more competitive economic environment 2 the environment the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live: More legislation is needed to protect the environment. adj concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth: the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry n someone who is concerned about protecting the environment

environmental friendly adj soaps, containers etc that are environmentally friendly do not harm the environment

Source : Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English International Students Edition


Yeah, a post on the Environment again.

As you can see for yourself based on the above definitions, the Environment (air, land, or water) affects all (people, animals, and plants).

Mankind should stop being so selfish and start being more considerate to the Environment.


The Air...
Smoking in public should be banned. "Tak Nak!!"
People should learn how to car-pool.
Public transportation is always available.
Factories should filter the exhaust fumes/smoke.
Deforestation must be put to a stop.
Open burning causes serious pollution.

The Land...
Littering sucks.
Less chemicals/fertilizers should be used.
Development must be controlled.
Littering really sucks.
So do something. Recycle.

The Water...
Toxic waste should go to other places.
Stop throwing rubbish in.
Told you littering sucks.
Please don't be doing any form of business here.
Have mercy on the aquatic organisms.


Here are some situations/things that I really dislike:

The traffic light is red. The driver of the car infront of me opens his door/window. He looks around. What does he do next? "Kaaa-puiiiiii!!" Spits out of his car. *SPLAT* Gross.

My neighbour. Smoking infront of the lifts. The smoke and smell goes into every unit on the 9th floor. Can't he just smoke at his balcony??

Some guy on a motorbike speeds past. Guess what you see next? Something flying away from him. The piece of rubbish he just threw into the air like that.

In a restaurant. An air-conditioned one. At the non-smoking section. An old man taking out the pack of cigarettes from his shirt's pocket. He lights it with a lighter and puffs away happily. What do I do? Go *COUGH COUGH* on purpose. Sometimes the person beside him realises what I'm doing. Guess what? Nothing is ever done. Why do I even try...

The worst of all. During camps. Going into the river to have some fun. What do we find? That's right. Diapers. Not empty ones. The types that are loaded with you-know-what. Why can't these parents be a little more responsible and take care of their child's 'product'?


That's my post for today. Will update again as soon as I'm free and able to use the computer. Ciaos.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hey here's a list of ideas I thought of. Some are quite ridiculous but oh well. I shall just list it out.

  1. Do not litter everywhere. ( I have photos showing that several mountains I climbed have a lot of rubbish.)
  2. Recycle more often.
  3. Do not pollute the air, river.
  4. Do not kill or capture innocent animals.
  5. Join societies or organisations that conserves the environment.
  6. Go mountain climbing or camping to personally feel the nature.
  7. Be a good citizen. Love your country and everything in your country.
  8. Educate the younger ones. Let them know the importance of conserving the environment.
  9. Set up blogs or websites like this to spread the importance of protecting the environment.
  10. Do not simply waste natural resources given to us.

The Environment

This is the first time I am blogging about the environment. What accually is the environment? The environment to me is the natural resources given to us by God. For examples, the forest, beautiful flora and fauna, the ocean and many more.

Although some of us did not experience it but we all know that things aren't the same anymore. The environment is getting threaten by us humans. Why do I say so? People are now chopping down trees or deforestation for development. This is not only a threat for us but also the plants and animals living in the jungle. Their habitat is being destroyed by humans. What a shame.

Many organisations has been set up to protect the environment but nothing is going to help if people still do not realise the mistakes they had made. I will be quite impossible for us to do anything if they don't change their mindset. Oh God what can we do?

QUITE impossible. But not entirely impossible. There is still hope as long as we work hard to protect the environment. I myself love nature very much. I occasionally go for mountain expedition and stuff like that. What I am disapointed is that most of the mountains I had hiked are filled with all sorts of rubbish. From bottles to shirts. Everything you can imagine. And once half way climbing up a mountain, me and my friends went through an empty land which has already been deforested by some jerks. The land before was filled with beautiful plants and trees. What is happening to the world? Or lets say why are we humans doing all these?

Examples of organisations set up to protect the environment are World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). This two groups and actively involved in protecting the environment. I hope in the future I will have the capability and support to set up such organisations. That is one of many wild dreams. Not it is not impossible! It is really saddening to see that not many people are concern about the environment anymore. Hopefully these people will realise and act to protect the environment.

Do you have anything to say about the environment? If you do feel free to send us an e-mail on your review to or post a comment here. Your review or comment will be posted in this blog with your agreements.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vote for us!

Hey we have join a online competition organised by Metropolitan College. They are organising this in conjuction of their 20th anniversary!

So vote for us at!

Monday, February 26, 2007

New Year New Hope!

Hey everyone! I'm back after a week of Chinese New Year holiday. So now I am full of energy to do more good deeds! All of you should do the same too. Always remember that there are many people who are not as lucky as us. Especially at this festive period we shouldn't forget the unfortunate ones.

Help them in whatever way you can. For example visit orphanages/old folk's home and etc.

As this week we still celebrate Chinese New Year, I would like to wish all who celebrate CNY a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and MAY ALL OF YOU HAVE GOOD HEALTH IN THE YEAR OF BOAR! And also always think of other people. Don't be self centred!

May This New Year Bring Us New Hopes and Happiness!

Will be back with more updates.

size 12 is not fat either.

i'm 29.
you serious? but you was 27 last time.
29. no. i'm serious.
wtheck. you're kidding.
no. i'm not.
god. you gotta stop eating man.

that conversation happened in the fitting room.

you get me now?

Flip through any teenage magazines these days, OH, how thoughtful of them, they've definitely included pages of how kids these days are trying to be stick thin, how girls these days stuff up toothbrushes into their throat, how guys take steroids and well, the list go on. sometimes they even throw in a bonus : " Ways to manage your diet" and " Best organic restaurant to go to " not to forget " Shops where you go to where's you'r a XXXXL" *roll eyes*

its pretty ironic you know, seeing that well,
they've also included 6895 full pages of stick thin model prancing in their oh-so-dainty outfit.

lets face it. the world don't like big people. now who do we point to?


Who do we blame when girl stuff their fingers into their throat?

The world can be so oblivious sometimes towards the discrimination they channel around. Everyone's so busy trying to impress each other, they forgot the fact that no one is perfect. Of course, to say that i have no care about what the world thinks of me, i would be a liar. Everyone wants to fit in.

and some people go to dangerous steps to fit in.

" hey. i can be stick thin too. i'll just starve myself to 5 days. or maybe i'll just feed myself on mineral water. "

Some people felt that they have no way to fit in.

" aiya. who cares la. i memang fat already what! Fat ma fat la! "

its pretty saddening seeing how hard some people try to fit in sometimes. Its even more horrible to see those so called " oh-so-perfect-looking " people stuffing their fingers down their throat.

and you know whats worst?
people who just can't accept that they have flaws within themselves and others.

the next time you're gonna stuff the finger down your throat,


what the hell am i doing this for.

realization begins within self.
if you're not gonna help yourself, no one could.




message for my blog readers :
* the guy in my class is an exception. u know who i'm talking about. one thing. People won't exactly discriminate you if you weren't such a bastard in the first place.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

the environment.

im back. and honestly, i have no idea what to blog about.


wait, idea coming. the environment.

yeah, i know that this is a charity blog.

but there's no harm in adding environmental issues right?

so, in this post, i'll blog on some of the problems we face today.

and i know that this sounds real boring. so?


global warming. green house effect. thinning of the ozone.

honestly, i have no clue on the differences between these three problems.

however, i do know that one has to do with the burning sun, the melting of ice at the north pole, the hole in the ozone, and so on so forth.

i also know that we dont want them to go on any longer.


we are running out of natural resources.

do you want to live on other planets in the future?

no seriously, do you?

okay fine. maybe some of you do.

erm, never mind.


let's move on then.


pity the trees la!

or pity the earth!

it's like plucking out your hair strand by strand!

doesn't that make you go *OUCH!!*?

imagine what mother nature is going through.


open fires and bush fires.

again, imagine.

setting your head on fire.




that's more like it.


what else you ask?


most people hate it.

and yet, most people do it.


people just dont care.


"i care for what?!"


okay, i admit. this post isnt very informative.

just wanna update the blog for the sake of...

updating the blog la.

what else?

playing with colours and fonts is FUN !!

anything else?




Friday, February 16, 2007

wishing you and your family a happy chinese new year.

heeellooo everyone :)

gong hei fatt choi! :D

things to do this CNY
  1. Make someone happy. and by that i don't mean to sing " dong dong dong chiang " with a big ass microphone infront of their house at 2 am in the morning.
  2. Wish someone u dislike a happy chinese new year. note : HAPPY. don't chunk your fist into their mouth while doing so, please.
  3. Don't stop by the road side blocking everyone just because u wanna copy the number of that car that banged into the traffic light for your 4D.
  4. Spend more time in the kitchen, rather than infront of the tv.
  5. Don't scowl at that kiamsiap aunty just coz she gave u RM1 in the ang pau. atleast it isn't one cent!
  6. Don't tie your neighbour's dog to the firecrackers. no. not even their cats.
  7. Don't set yourself on fire. it kinda hurts.
  8. Don't be a blockhead and wear black infront of your 89 year old grandma.
  9. Don't jump inside the car. You might freak the person behind you.
  10. Eat and exercise. except if you don't mind dying early. Don't give me the emo ness please.

CNY is the time to release all your grudges and ask for forgiveness.

afterall, its a brand new year. :)

PS : its really rude to get someone's name wrong in your written Happy CNY card.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Have a Blessed Chinese New Year! =)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner... However, this is the time we should spend with our family and relatives. It can be fun, collecting "and pau's", visiting relatives, but Chinese New Year is not just about the gifts and fun. Its more of spend the most time possible with your family.

I just realized that last year when my grandpa was admitted into the hospital at Chinese New Year Eve and passed away somewhere in the middle of the holidays... So we think these kind of things will never happen to us, furthermore, its during a festive season.. So nothing bad will happen, but we can never predict the future, we will never know what could happen next. So I urge all of you guys to cherish the moments you have with your family and relatives, as you never know when will be the last time you will be seeing them...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It's February 14 today. That means it's Valentine's Day. While most people are celebrating this occasion with their loved ones, there are people out there alone, not even knowing the date.

Okay, maybe I was over exagertaing. But my point is, there are people out there who need our help. They are lonely, and possibly homeless. Us, being normal and capable citizens should be doing our part to help them!

Spending time with them, or even providing moral support to them. How do you do that you ask? Easy. Visit one of the many Homes in Malaysia. Be it Old Folk's Homes, Orphanages, or even the Home of the Disabled. Take your pick and go for it!

Spread The Love!!


Next, the case of the girl who requires your help. Yes, YOU!! She is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) at the moment. All she needs is blood of negative, preferably B-.

For further information, the contact number is 016-9774557. Also, we would also really appreciate it if you could forward this message around to your friends and family, asking them to do so as well.

Thank You!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

ACCA Charity Drive

ACCA member Candy contacted us inviting us to do some voluntary work just recently.
Event : Charity Drive
Organizer : ACCA
Date : 10.02.2006
Time : 10am - 5pm
Venue : Wisma Denmark Parking Lot
Objective : To Help The Johor Flood Victims
Yesterday, Philip, Shern Yang, and myself arrived at the Dang Wangi LRT station at around 3pm. We went straight to the location of the charity drive. It was easy to spot as there were tents/canopies set up there.
And so, we made our way over and introduced ourselves. We were brought up to the 27th floor of the Wisma Denmark building to the ACCA office in search of Candy/Hannah.
They were both not there, so we went back down to the site. We were given mandarin oranges and bottles of water by the other ACCA members who were present. One of them helped to take this photo of us.

L-R : Ping Chien, Shern Yang, Philip Yong.
As there wasn't much that we could do at the time, we just chilled. I went around taking some photos.

ACCA - The largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body in the world.
Boxes of donation items collected by the ACCA.

Some of the ACCA members at the charity drive.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower at 421m.
Philip and Shern Yang chilling.
The lorry is finally here. So enough relaxing and all.. Let's get to work!!
An ACCA member at work.
In red are Hannah and Philip - helping to tape the boxes.
Ping Chien and Shern Yang taping up a box.

Philip passing on boxes to be loaded onto the lorry.

Ping Chien helping to transfer mineral water to the lorry.

Shern Yang passing a box to be loaded as well.
Philip went onto lorry to help out.
Ping Chien lifting box up to the lorry.
Shern Yang lifting a box up to the lorry too.
Struggling to get a huge box of can food up to the lorry.
Shern Yang and Ping Chien helping to take down the tables.
In white is Candy helping ACCA members.
That's the last of those boxes.
The trio resting after loading the boxes onto the lorry.
The lorry driver chillax with his wife who's in the lorry.

After loading every single box into the lorry, we lingered around the area for a while. ACCA member Seri presented each of us with an ACCA 2007 Planner as a token of appreciation. We then said goodbye to the ACCA members and made our way back home via LRT.
At the end of everyday, rays of sunshine and hope shines on the land below.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

it never kills to do charity.

hey, be nice. do charity.
dude. u're kidding me man. those people. they deserve what they get.
what do you mean?
Its karma. God wants them that way, suffered and tortured. I'm not gonna help them
you're mean.
I'll sue your for verbal abuse.


do u think that way?

so if a person is born dumb. God wants him that way. and we shouldn't help him?
so if a person is born stupid. and if God wants him that way...

whats the whole point of schools?
waste bricks. waste paints. waste time. waste our fun hormones. waste paper.

the same concept applies here.

school is built to help enlarge our brains. in other words, not to make you stupid. just imagine how retarded we'll be without the school. sure enough, its not exactly the happiest place on earth, but don't deny that they had helped u in a way.

same thing.

Get going with charity helps the misfortunates. sure enough charity isn't the most fun thing to do. i mean, heck. trying to get jumping cats off your tee or cleaning babies diapers ( trust me they don't smell good ) ain't THAT fun.

but the act of charity. no matter how big or how small. is a very noble act.

please. if you're not the helping kind, atleast don't stand by the side and go
" HAHAHAHAHAHA. sucker! " while doing the congga dance.

thats pretty mean.



be blessed with what you got. don't ask for more.
don't ask what the world owes you. ask what you owe the world.

the world don't revolve around you.

so get moving.

your help today might come back to you one day.
no man can live on one hand.



Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Dear Friends,

ACCA will be organising Charity Drive 2007 in aid of relief assistance for victims from the recent flood devastation in Johor. This special event is organised by ACCA Student Ambassadors (SA) in collaboration with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRSC) to organise contributions for the MRSC relief fund. The charity drive also aims to encourage awareness on social responsibility among ACCA members, students as well as the public at large in the hopes of providing financial and relief assistance to people affected by the recent flood.

The event will be held at ACCA Malaysia office as follows:

Date : 10 February 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Venue : Open Carpark of Wisma Denmark, No.86 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
(next to Dang Wangi LRT station)

We welcome donation in cash and kind. Please find example of basic necessity items that would be useful for the victims, which includes the following:

Perishable Food: rice, instant noodle, milk, Milo, Nescafe, Nestum, Horlicks etc.

Canned Food: chicken/mutton/beef, sardines, sugar, coffee/tea (dust), biscuits, salt, cooking oil, mineral water etc.

Non-perishable Food: sanitary pads, diapers, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, soap, detergent, Dettol, slippers etc.

Medicines: metronidazole, c.penicillin, ciprofloxacin, anti-emetic - metaclopramide, antidiarrhoeal - lomotil, paracetomol tablets/suppository, voltaran suppository and antibiotic eye drops etc.

School & Household Items: school bags, uniform, books, stationeries, brooms, mops, stoves, rice-cookers, plates, cups, eating utensils etc.

All cash contributions are tax-exempted and are to be made payable to:

"Malaysian Red Crescent Society" or Maybank A/C No - 5144 2210 3788 or call Tel: +603 - 4257 8726, Fax: +603 - 4257 3537 (Operations Room) for details.

Tax-exemption receipts will be issued on the day of the event.

For further details, please contact me or the following Student Ambassadors:

Mr Selvakumaran Selvanathan at 016 971 1244 or email

Ms Shanthini Parama Dorai at 016 936 9317 or email

Ms Candy Moy Hui-Wan at 012 299 9380 or email

Don't forget to spread the word, bring along your family and friends to participate in ACCA Charity Drive 2007.

See you there!

Hannah Ramsamy
Executive - Education & Services
ACCA Malaysia
27th Floor Wisma Denmark No 86 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur

tel: +(603) 2713 5051 x 20
fax: +(603) 2713 5052

This is a E-mail sent to me by Ms Candy Moy, a Student Ambassador of ACCA Malaysia. This is yet another charitable event organised by the youth of Malaysia. I am really happy to see that more and more people are coming forward to help out those who are less fortunate. KUDOS TO ALL! So now please support this event. I will definately be there!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Charity Project (Johor Flood Victims) : Follow-up

"Donation Campaign For The Flood Victims Of Johor"
Yesterday, three of the commitee members accompanied two teachers to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Office/HQ.

Before departing : Photo at school foyer.
L-R : Sue Yen, Puan Tang, Puan Zulaiha, Shirley Peh, Ker Shin.

Entrance sign : Malaysian Red Crescent Society Office/HQ.
In Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu : Ibu Pejabat Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia.
Commitee members at entrance of MRCS office/HQ.
L-R : Sue Yen, Shirley Peh, Ker Shin.

Handing over of donations (RM4456) to MRCS.
L-R : Encik Fauzan Mohd Noor (Finance Manager of MRCS), Ker Shin, Shirley Peh, Sue Yen, Puan Zulaiha, Puan Tang)
Receiving the Certificate of Appreciation.
L-R : Encik Fauzan Mohd Noor, Shirley Peh, Ker Shin, Sue Yen.

MRCS Ambulance.
Commitee Ker Shin and Shirley Peh.
For those of you out there who would like to find out more or contact the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS), you can do so by dialling 03-42579211. I'm positively sure that they would appreciate your support.
Reminder to readers : Reach our to the girl who needs your help. Please refer to the post entitled "Girl in need of blood. Please help." (Sunday, February 04, 2007).
Thank You.

Monday, February 05, 2007

if everyone cared.

Nickelback If Everyone Cared Lyrics

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars with satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I'm I'm alive (I'm alive)
Singing Amen, I'm alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

And I'm singing Amen I, Amen I,
I'm alive Amen I,Amen I, Amen I,
I'm alive

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along

Singing Amen I, I'm alive (I'm alive)
Singing Amen I, I'm alive

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day when nobody died

need i say anymore?


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our New Blog Skin.

Attention/Reminder: Please help the girl if you're capable of doing so! [previous post]


Hey people. As you all have obviously noticed, the skin of our Charity-Blog has changed. Drastically. White ---> Black.

So, we would like to hear from you guys. What do you honestly think of this new skin? Does it suit our blog? Does the old skin suit our blog better? We want and we need comments from you people!!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your incoming comments, ideas, or suggestions.

UPDATE : Blog skin had been converted back to the old one.

Girl in need of blood. Please help.

This afternoon, I received a text message from a friend of mine asking me to forward the message to people I know. I already forwarded it to a number of people. On top of that, I'm posting it on this Charity Blog in hopes that more poeple will read about it and possibly help out.

Well, my friend's friend is in the Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC)'s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) right now. She needs someone to donate blood to her. Any blood of negative or B-.

The details of her condition are unclear. However, if you do have the right blood type and would like to help her out, the contact number is 016-9774557. Any form of assistance is very much appreciated. If you don't have the right blood type but would like to help her as well, you can do so by forwarding this message to your family and friends.

Thank you.

Idealist Start-Up Meeting

Hey! Action Without Borders is a non-profit organization that connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.

During the week of February 5 - 11, people from all over the world are having start-up meetings, whereby like-minded people who're passionate about making a positive change around them, get together and talk about issues they are passionate about, and brainstorm for ideas. Here's the link to it.

Reading your blog, I'm feeling confident that there are A LOT more Malaysian youths who are passionate about volunteer work and all, they just don't know where to start.

A start-up meeting for young Malaysians would be the solution! An entire group of passionate young Malaysians could get together, talk and discuss about issues affecting the world around us, and we could come up with ideas to make a positive change.

This message was sent to me by Chooi Yen, a member of Idealist. She has organise a Start-Up Meeting for the youths of Malaysia. Practically in Selangor or KL area. I find that this meeting will be very successful with the help of all youths out there. So come share your thoughts are may the world be peaceful. You Can Make A Difference!

Below are the details :-
Date: February 11, 2007
Location: Starbucks Coffee (G88) @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Start time: 3:00pm
End time: 5:00pm
Organizer: Chooi Yen

So if you are intrested please register here or E-mail Chooi Yen.

We youths can do a lot to help the nation. So I hope all of you will support this event. THANK YOU!

Volunteering effort

Hey all.

If there are any organizations or NGO who needs volunteers to help out in any kind of charity event or environment conservation please inform us by our official E-mail Address.

Below are a few details :

DAY : Preferably WEEKENDS.
TIME : Anytime of the day.
Duration : Preferably 4 to 5 hours. Negotiable.

WE from Charity Blog are willing to help out in any way to help conserve the environment and to help those who are in need.

Thank You.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

To have a Heart. <3

What does it mean to have a heart? Yeah, having that organ which pumps blood throughout your body in the form of oxyhaemoglobin which will be bright red in colour so that your body cells can carry out cellular respiration to perform the specific tasks that they're supposed to just so that you can stay alive.

No, seriously. What does it truly mean to have a heart? Having that organ keeping you alive doesn't really mean anything. Not if you're not making a difference in this world. Not if you're not making a difference in this world, knowing that you are capable of doing it. Even if it's just a small difference. It is still a difference. A good one.

So, how can you actually make a difference in this world? Note: when I say world, I don't mean something huge, something global or international. It could be a slight difference in your very own neighbourhood or something. And when I say difference, I mean a good difference.

Back to how you're gonna make a difference. I'll start by telling a 'story'. Well, I was watching television just now. Channel ntv7. There was this chinese programme called 'Finding Angels'. I used to watch it for quite some time, but not anymore. Anyway, I managed to watch the ending of this week's episode.

It was on this old man whom I think is living in Taiping Perak. Why do I think so? Well, this is the story. He is poor. Meaning his family is poor as well. During the interview, there was this girl beside him. If I'm not mistaken, it was his daughter. The host of the show was asking him : Where have you brought them (his grandchildren I suppose) to? His answer was : Taiping Zoo, Lumut, the docks - all nearby places. The host asked him : I heard that you have been planning to bring them to the Parliament Builing. Why haven't we heard any news about that all this time? He replied : There are problems - organizing it as well as financial problems.

This kind old man just wants to bring his grandchildren down to Selangor to visit the Parliament Building in hopes that they'll be able to learn more in life. However, he is incapable of doing so due to his financial status. So, if you're interested in helping him out, you can e-mail 'Finding Angels' at

There are many other people you can help out. Our beloved country, Malaysia. Every now and then, you'll see a guy on the sidewalk begging for money. Most people will avoid him or ignore him. Some people would give 10, 20 cents, or even RM1 or RM2 to that guy. Why? It's either out of pity, or just so that he won't keep bugging you. Some people might even donate because they are truly kind at heart, and would like to help him. This is the right way to donate. With sincerity.

The guy may be perfectly healthy and all, but if you are truly kind enough, donating to him isn't a problem, of course. What about those people who are disabled, lying on the road in the middle of the way when you visit the night market? Pity them? Donate to them. However, you must NEVER fall for those fakers out there.

Situation : On the street, you come across a monk. He looks kind, gentle, and peacful. He's wearing orange robes. In his hands is a bowl. He walks up to you or you walk towards him. And in that bowl, you see coins and notes - money.
Solution : Walk away. Real monks never ask for cash donations. They ask for Arms, or Danna - mostly in the form of food. NEVER cash.

Okay, I'm going way off topic here. Supposed to be about having a heart and how to make a good difference. So, have a heart! Help those truly in need. How to make a difference? Simple.

Just contact us and get involved in any of the charity projects that we will be planning and organizing throughout the whole year. If you have any ideas or suggestions, just tell us about it. We would appreciate that very much. We'll work it through and carry out a charity project, our charity project, together.

Once more, I would like to stress on how important and appreciated your thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions, as well as support are to us.

" Have a Heart !!"

Thank you.

Friday, February 02, 2007

1 cent.

lazy laaa. no inspiration.

* 5 seconds later *

omg. you're about as bad as philip.
blog about whatever's on your mind la
i'm currently thinking of chee cheong fun
well. relate charity and chee cheong fun together! make up a story!


so i shall try.

there's this stall in Jalan teluk bagaluhu selling chee cheong fun and giving its profit to a nearby orphanage. the person in charge, mr lim wee teck, even gives out free chee cheong fun every 3 months to the orphanage. he's an awesome man. he won the nobel chee cheong fun award. end of story.

-- the above story is fiction---


Please refer below to this particular post * the one with alot of pictures *

LET ME TELL U SOMETHING. oh look at the people inside. they're all so happy lada lada lada. even i'm smiling.
but let me tell u something.

no seriously.

top ten excuses i've heard since collecting money for the flood victims.
and if any of u still haven't figure out by now, yes. i'm yan yun. eesh.

10. i left my money in class. this is pure classic.

9. i donated there! * point in some random direction with really big wide eyes as though i just said GIVE ME YOUR KIDNEYS! *

8. I TAK ADA MONEY LA/ BO LUI/ I PO KAI * while holding a big plate of chee cheong fun with extra fishballs*

7. I DONATED YESTERDAY LA! * extremely loudly like some beca ah pek *

6. they didn't even talk to me. they ran away when they see me 1000 km away.

5. here. here. i donate. * held out random money from the box and put it back again * * applause for self * super sweat case.

4. why u keep asking me for money wan ah?

3. you be happy i didn't rob u weyh!

2. they will survive wan la. sure! sure!

1. siao. for what i wanna donate.


but its okay. I SHALL TOLERATE FOR THE SAKE OF CHARITY! * toleransi toleransi toleransi *

but its the thought that counts. :) so if u donated, YAY U!

but still. please la.

can your thought be a little eensy bit more than 1 sen?

this post has no means to offend any 1 cent -derma-ers.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Charity Project Photos 2

(The committee did it very quickly but still nice)
(From left : Zhen Feng, Philip and Shern Yang)
Doing his bit for Charity
(En Zafran)

Sealing the envelope filled with $$$

(Ping Chien)

Collecting donation from a Form 1 student.
(From left : Philip - urm some guy)

What was I doing on the chair?
Can someone refresh my memory?
(From left ; Zhen Feng - Ping Chien - Philip)

Making It Bigger : One Step At A Time : Together

Referring to one of the previous posts by Philip, entitled "Making it BIG".

We'll do things step by step. Right now, we're doing charity in kind of a small scale. That is, just in our school, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4). So, let's make it bigger, step by step, together.

When I say step by step together, I mean everyone gets involved. Not just the students or teachers of SMKBUD(4). What i mean is students and even teachers if possible, from other schools or societies.

A collaboration between our school and other schools. We work together, side by side, to organize something bigger than what we're doing now.

We can meet up, discuss and agree on a project to work on in our respective schools. But of course, the objective of that charity project has to be similar, if not the same. Then, we shall join whatever we manage to come up with. Whether it is money, items, or man power. And finally, we will donate all of that to charity. It all depends on what the project is.

Yes, I know that doing a project like this won't be as simple as organizing something in your own school or organization because it involves the cooperation with other parties. However, I truly believe that with the right planning and the right parties, it will happen.

I hope that all of you reading this post understand what I'm trying to say here. Basically, it's just us working together with your party to organize a slightly bigger charity project.

So after reading this post, for those of you out there who are interested in working and collaborating with us to organize a charity project, do feel free to contact us via the Charity Blog's official email. On the other hand, if you guys rather not go through the hassel of getting your school's permission, but still wanna do something for charity, we definitely welcome any volunteers to help us out during the project as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you readers for taking your time to visit this blog. Once again, if you're interested in doing something for charity but do not know where to start, this is your call. Contact us to get started on a project together. Thank you.

Update on Mission to Johor

9 more days till we leave for Johor to help out the flood victims. I am glad to announce that our Mission have been approved by PPD (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Petaling) just after one day we submitted the documents. This is proved that even the Education Ministry supports our action. Well how many schools will accually do what we are doing right now right?

But the response of the donation drive is not that encouraging. Therefor, I urge all students of SMK BUD (4) to do your bit for charity. I am very sure that you all have old clothing that can still be wore so please be kind and donate those clothing. Remember charity starts at home, but should not end there. Besides CNY is nearing and I know many of you will be cleaning your house and throwing your old stuffs away. You can donate those stuff that are still usable to us! Don’t throw it away!

The flood victims will be really be appreciated if they know that we care for them very much. The transportation to Johor has also been confirmed. And I have news saying that Mr. Tony our school’s Yang Di-Pertua PIBG has agreed to donate 8 cartons of bottled mineral water. I will confirm this with the authority tomorrow and let you guys know.

Anyway here is a bit on our trip to PPD yesterday (30/1/2007). We consist of Pn. Karamjit, Jamie, Justin, Sarah and me made a trip to PPD to submit the documents. It was a hilarious and enjoyable trip. Pn. Karamjit was so nervous that she couldn’t even drive properly. Our life was at risk! (Just Joking) We left at 2.30p.m. reached the PPD building at approximately 3.30p.m. Yeah what took us so long? Pn. Karamjit made a mistake by taking us to the former building of PPD. She haven’t been there for a long time so it isn’t her fault. We had a fun time anyway. After we submitted the papers Pn. Karamjit treated us lunch as we all did not have our lunch earlier. We went to Secret Recipe at Centre Point. WE arrived back to school at 515p.m.

That's all for today! Will be back with more updates!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Charity Project : Summary + Photos

I know i promised to upload the photos by the end of last week. Sorry guys. Better late than never right? But before that, here's the details/summary of the charity project.

Project : Donation Campaign for the Flood Victims of Johor.
Date : 22 - 26 January 2007.
Venue : SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4), Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Aim : To help the Johor flood victims.
Organizer : Scout Troop 151.
Funds collected : Roughly RM4,500.00

Yeah, that's about it. So, here are some of the photos taken throughout the week of the donation campaign.

The banner we made.
Thanks to commitee : Shirley, Ker Shin, Sue Yen.

Our "Donation Stall" blocking the way in and out of the canteen.
Clockwise from right : Tze Lim, Shern Yang, Zhen Feng, Yan Yun.

Volunteers passing the money to the commitee while teacher donates.

Volunteers(middle) : Derrick Lee and Zhen Chi. Teacher : Puan Lee May Ping.

Commitee in front of book shop.
With container : Yan Yun, with article : Tze Lim.

Working hard to collect funds is...

Yan Yun at her best - getting students to donate.

Students doing their part during the campaign.

"Thank you very much!"

One of the many pictures that they've posed in.

The twins : Yi-Laine and Yi-Vonne, Keean Yap, and Rebekah who's trying to donate.

Another poser blocking the way.

Ramkirtan's in the way of Yun Wei and 'the other guy behind him'.

Posing with the big bucks are...

From left : Sheng Jun, Hsien Loong, Shaun Quah.

Donate with a smile!! =]

Teacher Encik Zafran supporting our donation campaign.

Going round the staff room.

Teacher Puan Usha donating to commitee Philip Yong.

Back to the generous students.

"Thanks to you guys!!"

After a hard day's work.

Commitee (from left) : Shern Yang, Ping Chien, Philip Yong, Zhen Feng.

Show me the money!!!

All of that, and a whole lot more, goes to charity.

We still got a long way to go...

Commitee counting money (alternate) : Ming Hong, Pinky Chan, Philip Yong, Shern Yang, Zhen Feng, Ping Chien.


That about sums it up. As planned, the funds will be passed on to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) by the end of this week.

Lastly, on behalf of the organizing commitee of this donation campaign, I would like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to this campaign.

" THANK YOU !! "