Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Charity Project Photos 2

(The committee did it very quickly but still nice)
(From left : Zhen Feng, Philip and Shern Yang)
Doing his bit for Charity
(En Zafran)

Sealing the envelope filled with $$$

(Ping Chien)

Collecting donation from a Form 1 student.
(From left : Philip - urm some guy)

What was I doing on the chair?
Can someone refresh my memory?
(From left ; Zhen Feng - Ping Chien - Philip)

Making It Bigger : One Step At A Time : Together

Referring to one of the previous posts by Philip, entitled "Making it BIG".

We'll do things step by step. Right now, we're doing charity in kind of a small scale. That is, just in our school, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4). So, let's make it bigger, step by step, together.

When I say step by step together, I mean everyone gets involved. Not just the students or teachers of SMKBUD(4). What i mean is students and even teachers if possible, from other schools or societies.

A collaboration between our school and other schools. We work together, side by side, to organize something bigger than what we're doing now.

We can meet up, discuss and agree on a project to work on in our respective schools. But of course, the objective of that charity project has to be similar, if not the same. Then, we shall join whatever we manage to come up with. Whether it is money, items, or man power. And finally, we will donate all of that to charity. It all depends on what the project is.

Yes, I know that doing a project like this won't be as simple as organizing something in your own school or organization because it involves the cooperation with other parties. However, I truly believe that with the right planning and the right parties, it will happen.

I hope that all of you reading this post understand what I'm trying to say here. Basically, it's just us working together with your party to organize a slightly bigger charity project.

So after reading this post, for those of you out there who are interested in working and collaborating with us to organize a charity project, do feel free to contact us via the Charity Blog's official email. On the other hand, if you guys rather not go through the hassel of getting your school's permission, but still wanna do something for charity, we definitely welcome any volunteers to help us out during the project as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you readers for taking your time to visit this blog. Once again, if you're interested in doing something for charity but do not know where to start, this is your call. Contact us to get started on a project together. Thank you.

Update on Mission to Johor

9 more days till we leave for Johor to help out the flood victims. I am glad to announce that our Mission have been approved by PPD (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Petaling) just after one day we submitted the documents. This is proved that even the Education Ministry supports our action. Well how many schools will accually do what we are doing right now right?

But the response of the donation drive is not that encouraging. Therefor, I urge all students of SMK BUD (4) to do your bit for charity. I am very sure that you all have old clothing that can still be wore so please be kind and donate those clothing. Remember charity starts at home, but should not end there. Besides CNY is nearing and I know many of you will be cleaning your house and throwing your old stuffs away. You can donate those stuff that are still usable to us! Don’t throw it away!

The flood victims will be really be appreciated if they know that we care for them very much. The transportation to Johor has also been confirmed. And I have news saying that Mr. Tony our school’s Yang Di-Pertua PIBG has agreed to donate 8 cartons of bottled mineral water. I will confirm this with the authority tomorrow and let you guys know.

Anyway here is a bit on our trip to PPD yesterday (30/1/2007). We consist of Pn. Karamjit, Jamie, Justin, Sarah and me made a trip to PPD to submit the documents. It was a hilarious and enjoyable trip. Pn. Karamjit was so nervous that she couldn’t even drive properly. Our life was at risk! (Just Joking) We left at 2.30p.m. reached the PPD building at approximately 3.30p.m. Yeah what took us so long? Pn. Karamjit made a mistake by taking us to the former building of PPD. She haven’t been there for a long time so it isn’t her fault. We had a fun time anyway. After we submitted the papers Pn. Karamjit treated us lunch as we all did not have our lunch earlier. We went to Secret Recipe at Centre Point. WE arrived back to school at 515p.m.

That's all for today! Will be back with more updates!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Charity Project : Summary + Photos

I know i promised to upload the photos by the end of last week. Sorry guys. Better late than never right? But before that, here's the details/summary of the charity project.

Project : Donation Campaign for the Flood Victims of Johor.
Date : 22 - 26 January 2007.
Venue : SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4), Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Aim : To help the Johor flood victims.
Organizer : Scout Troop 151.
Funds collected : Roughly RM4,500.00

Yeah, that's about it. So, here are some of the photos taken throughout the week of the donation campaign.

The banner we made.
Thanks to commitee : Shirley, Ker Shin, Sue Yen.

Our "Donation Stall" blocking the way in and out of the canteen.
Clockwise from right : Tze Lim, Shern Yang, Zhen Feng, Yan Yun.

Volunteers passing the money to the commitee while teacher donates.

Volunteers(middle) : Derrick Lee and Zhen Chi. Teacher : Puan Lee May Ping.

Commitee in front of book shop.
With container : Yan Yun, with article : Tze Lim.

Working hard to collect funds is...

Yan Yun at her best - getting students to donate.

Students doing their part during the campaign.

"Thank you very much!"

One of the many pictures that they've posed in.

The twins : Yi-Laine and Yi-Vonne, Keean Yap, and Rebekah who's trying to donate.

Another poser blocking the way.

Ramkirtan's in the way of Yun Wei and 'the other guy behind him'.

Posing with the big bucks are...

From left : Sheng Jun, Hsien Loong, Shaun Quah.

Donate with a smile!! =]

Teacher Encik Zafran supporting our donation campaign.

Going round the staff room.

Teacher Puan Usha donating to commitee Philip Yong.

Back to the generous students.

"Thanks to you guys!!"

After a hard day's work.

Commitee (from left) : Shern Yang, Ping Chien, Philip Yong, Zhen Feng.

Show me the money!!!

All of that, and a whole lot more, goes to charity.

We still got a long way to go...

Commitee counting money (alternate) : Ming Hong, Pinky Chan, Philip Yong, Shern Yang, Zhen Feng, Ping Chien.


That about sums it up. As planned, the funds will be passed on to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) by the end of this week.

Lastly, on behalf of the organizing commitee of this donation campaign, I would like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to this campaign.

" THANK YOU !! "

Monday, January 29, 2007

Raising Funds and items.

Dear Readers,
I have a request. I am planning to visit one Old Folks Home or Orphanage Home every month. I and a group of friends intend to donate items or cash to different Homes we visit every month. In order to do so we will need funding and sponsorship. But of course we all know that it isn’t easy to get such funding and sponsorship. So I urge all readers of Charity Blog to support our good course. And bloggers please help spread the word.

I ensure you all that this is not a prank or a way to earn money. We are doing this for the sake of charity. Many people always say that they want to do charity but don’t know how to. So our Charity Blog is your first step. Support our good course by donating items or cash to us. All items and cash will then be donated to respected Homes each month. This is all still in planning progress but I will not let this fail. No matter how long it takes us to gain support and strength I will still work on it. I believe that if one door is closed there are many other doors that are open.

I will update later on how to transfer funds and items to us. Names of donors will be published in our blog every month. If you are kind you can be a monthly contributor as well. I hope many people will give more advices and ideas as we are only teenagers who are lack of experience. I know people may not trust us in this but we will try our best to gain that trust from all of you guys. Advices and ideas on how to transfer funds and items will be most welcome.

Again, I would like to re-ensure you that we are not here to cheat your money. We are doing this for the sake of charity. Details of our Charity Projects will also be posted here every month. Pictures will also be taken when we make our visits to the Homes. And once again, I hope everyone will support our good course. Like stated on our blog’s banner “Charity begins at home, but should not end there.” So show that you care for others. Let this blog be your starting point of doing charity.

Lastly, any advices, ideas and words of encouragements can be posted in the comment page or you can e-mail us at our official e-mail address at the sidebar. May this be successful.

A mission to the state of Johor.

Hey my fellow readers, as stated in the title “A mission to the state of Johor”. This mission is created to help out the flood victims in Batu Pahat, Johor. This mission is jointly organized by the Editorial Board, Kadet Remaja Sekolah and Scouts 151 of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4). As a scout and the founder of this Charity Blog of course I will offer myself to get involved. So come to date this will is my 3rd Charity Project. The other author of this blog, Ping Chien is also involved in this. Not too sure about Yan Yun.

OK back to topic. So why are we going to Johor? Besides going there to give moral support to them we are collecting items to be donated to them. Items like clothings, blankets, school bags, canned food and school uniforms will be collected starting from tomorrow in school. Hopefully people will donate generously. Well why want to throw your stuff away when you can donate right?

Here are the details of this “Mission”

Title: Mission to Johor (created by me as I am not really sure the exact title)

Motive : To help the flood victims of Johor in a few ways. Basically donating items to them and giving moral support to them.

Organizer : Editorial Board, Kadet Remaja Sekolah and Scouts 151 of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (4).

Venue : Two villages in Batu Pahat, Johor.

Date : 9 February 2007

Duration : One day

Transportation : Bus

Ok so those are the brief details of this Charity Project. Anyway as stated above we are collecting items to be donated to the flood victims. Sadly this is a school based project. But if you guys like to contribute something within this week, maybe we can arrange something. So if you are interested to DONATE/CONTRIBUTE items stated above please contact us through our official E-mail Address. Our E-mail Address is located at the top of the sidebar.

Thank You for reading.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making it BIG

In the first month of Year 2007, I have already accomplished 2 Charity Projects. I hope I will be able to achieve my target of getting involved in at least 10 Charity Project this year. And hopefully each project will be bigger and bigger.

I am very happy to see that this blog is growing fast. I thank all Charity Blog’s readers for your time and effort in viewing our blog. This is not my blog, but a blog for all. Everyone is free to share your point of view on Charity here.

I have a very big dream. I want to become like Bill Gates. A guy who is the richest man but humble at heart. I want to be like him. Bill Gates had donated billions of dollars to support the research of AIDS. If I’m not mistaken. He should be taken example by all youth in this planet earth.

But first, I want to work out this blog. I want to make it BIG. Not for fame but for the sake of everyone. I want this blog to be the key point why people are doing charity these days. A big dream I know but it isn’t impossible. Hopefully my dream will come true. Since young I had always wanted to help other people but I don’t know where to start. But now I know. Right here, right now.

I plead all readers to support my goodwill. Have a charitable heart and support CHARITY BLOG!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Charity Project - Day 5

The last day of this donation campaign. We collected four figures today. And the grand total of what we collected throughout the week is also four figures.

We spent quite some time calculating the money today cause we were trying to round it off. Anyways, we managed to do it after a number of errors.

The students donated real generously today. Thanks to all of you for your selflessness! And to the teachers who did donate to us, thank you as well.

Once again, i would like to thank every single one of you who contributed to this donation campaign in whatsoever way. THANK YOU!!!

As promised, the photos will be uploaded real soon. As soon as i'm free that is.

Ciaos for now.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Charity Project - Day 4

Today, we collected quite a large number of donations. The total sum almost reached four figures.

Honestly, we didn't expect to be able to collect so much as we are reaching the end of this donation campaign as we didn't have someone going aorund the canteen. Many of the students have already donated. However, they donated even more today. Thanks.

We picked up the speed when we were counting the donations collected as our school was having its Anual General Meeting after recess. But no worries, our calculations were accurate.

As usual, Puan Zulaiha will be going on stage tomorrow to announce the total sum collected. Hope that everyone will support us during the last day of our campaign - tomorrow.

By the way, I promise that the photos of this donation campaign will be posted up by the end of this week.

Thank you.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Charity Project - Day 3

Day number three of the donation campaign for the flood victims of Johor.

The response and support that we have been getting from all the members of SMKBUD(4) has been really great and encouraging. Many of the students have donated to the fund. A number of them have even donated a few times!! Thanks guys.

As for the teachers, a few of them have already donated. We will be going to the office and staff room either tomorrow or the day after to collect donations. I bet that the school staff and teachers will respond well to our campaign, just like the students have.

We managed to collect four figures yesterday. As for today, we collected three figures. Not bad, not bad at all.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all the commitee members as well as the other Scout members who contributed to this project during these three days. All your hardwork and determination is very much appreciated.

Not forgetting everyone else who supports our campaign, i would like to say a big "Thank You" to you guys for your generous donations.

Hope that everyone will continue to support our donation campaign for the remaining two days.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Charity Project - Day 2

This will be a very short update as I am very tired today. Sorry.

Hello my friends. I am very glad to announce that we had achieve a much better amount of donation today. Four figure that is. I really really appreciate all of your kind deeds. If one day any of you need help for whatsoever reason, just come look for me. haha. Ok I wasn't serious about that.

Thank you all for your kind contribution. I am tired but very happy knowing that there are still many kind hearted people in this world!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Charity Project - Day 1

Hey guys! Today is the first day our Charity Project namely (Donation Campaign) I made the name out myself. haha because the name is in malay and it doesn't sound right in english.

So anyway today's campaign had been very successful. Much thanks to all students of SMK BUD4 who contributed some of their pocket money. Some contributed a lot and some contributed little. But that is not the most important. It is the thought that counts. As long as you have the heart to donate no matter how much is you donate, it doesn't matter.

The total sum for today's collection is a 3 figure number. Well I guess its not quite appropriate to announce the real figure out here. Let me summarize today's campaign.

During the morning assembly, Pn Zulaiha aka our counselling teacher help us to promote our campaign on stage. Then during recess we started collecting donations from students who were heading to and out of the canteen. Just by doing that we achieved quite alot. After that we went to the counselling room to count and summarize the donation. Thats all I guess.

So once again I would like to thank all who contributed!

Do It For Who You Are.

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see or hear that word?
Helping others? Donating money? Voluntary work?
Well, whatever your first impression of charity is, it doesnt really matter.
As a matter of fact, it doesnt even matter at all.
Some people might think that charity is a waste of time, a waste of money, etc.
So what?
It doesnt matter.
Just as long as you do your part in society and help those in need.
Whether you're donating money or lending a hand in some kind of chore.
Do what you're capable of doing.
You shouldnt be forced into doing charity work.
It should come from your heart.
Remember, it's the thought that counts.
It is never too late to start doing charity.
There is absolutely no excuse for you not to.
So get up and do something for the sake of others!!
" Thank you. "
- pingchien -

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Doing charity the fun way!

At this modern age, traditional ways of doing charity isn't that effective anymore. WHO AGREES WITH ME?

So I had been thinking that maybe we should replace these old methods. Well no doubt that they still work but maybe some new methods will work better. BUT what new methods? haha. That I really don't know. =P

Do you guys have any ideas? Share it with us alright?

I will post my ideas 2 days later. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Slowly wait. =P

Saturday, January 20, 2007

helping others? how about me!

if i were to tell you to give up 2 days of your week to go teach and tutor a bunch of reckless and socially rejected kids for free.

will you?

what if i say they're oprhans.

will you?

what if i say they have no idea about abc, even at the age of 8.

will you?

what if i say, you're a cancer patient.

will you still do that?

maybe 90 percent of you will nod till the third question.

and skeptism arises when you read the forth.

Thats the typical average scene. People tend to think about themselves before they offer to do charity.
and by that sentence, i'm not saying that its selfish or that its a sin.

don't deny it. I know alot of people out there, living by a motto saying " if i can't help myself, how do i help others. "

that makes sense, don't it?

but haven't you people actually think of " Maybe if i help others, i can start helping myself. "


i know of this lady, who is having breast cancer, offering her time tutoring orphans in the orphanage in her neighbourhood. she could have spent that time on hers complaining about life and crying on " WHY AM I THE ONE? "

instead. she chose the path of charity.

she said , " after helping out, I wasn't that depressed anymore. I realise, that my case is nothing compared to them "

Lets say, you have cancer, and all of a sudden, your life is hanging on a loose thread. Your world shattered down. suddenly, you see life as a sad thing. well, thats because, now, the world just revolves around your life.

if you care to actually go out there and help, maybe you'll stop being emo, and you'll realise that,

" hey. my case isn't THAT bad afterall. "

through helping out, you'll actually see the pain in others. Everything have flaws. nothing is perfect. Face it. the world isn't perfect. thats why, we need charity. somone gotta bring out the glitter dust. :)


one more thing. to avoid misunderstanding.

I didn't mention that ALL sick beings MUST help out. please. if you only have 2 more weeks to live, i advise you, yes. stay in bed and rest properly.

charity is an option.

its whether you want to do it. or you don't.

there's no must.

its your choice.


life is about choices. you're the player in this game. you set the rules. :)

-- yy--

Friday, January 19, 2007

Charity Project : Status : Approved.

"Kempen Kutipan Derma Untuk Mangsa-mangsa Banjir Johor 2007" has finally been approved by the new principal.

what has been done so far. let's see. the project has been approved like i just said. the letters to parents have been photocopied and cut. the banner is complete as well. the flyer is done, waiting to be photocopied and distributed. and the newspaper articles are also under progress.

okay. that's that about the project. hope that it'll get good response from the school.


here's another article. hope you'll enjoy and appreciate its meaning.

.77 cents

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and some homeless people in the downtown/University area frequent the stoplights. I used to give a lot of money to the homeless, feeling sorry for their misfortune. But as time passed, I fell victim to many of the circumstances of a homeless person. I became a single mom with no home, a huge debt, and hardly any income. As a result, I stopped giving to the people on the side of the road and became very bitter.

Things started to change for me. I became responsible enough to have a home, a backyard for my daughter, and plenty of food, and I started to pull myself out of debt. One day we saw a homeless person with the sign, "Will work for food." I passed by. My daughter commented, "Mommy, you used to always give to those people in need." I replied, "Honey, they just use that money for alcohol or other bad things." She didn't respond. But when I said that, it didn't feel right.

Three days later, I was driving to pick up my daughter from school. A man was standing on the corner, and something deep inside me said, "Just help the guy." So I rolled down my window, and he ran over with enthusiasm. He said, "God bless you, I only need 77 cents." I reached into my ashtray and oddly enough, there sat three quarters and two pennies.

My skin was prickling as I saw this. I scooped it up and gave it to him. He burst out with joy and tears in his eyes, "Wow, you just made it possible for me to see my mom for Christmas! Thank you so much; the bus that had this great sale is leaving in 20 minutes!" It was a moment I'll never forget. I think that man won't forget it either, but I was the one who got the best gift in life - GIVING. It also reminds me that nothing is a coincidence, and everything has meaning.

Source : Excerpt from More Random Acts of Kindness


that's all. kinda rushing right now. till next time. ciaos.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Because of who you are.

Since young I always have a dream. A dream to become very rich. I am very confident in fulfilling that dream. But who am I to speak? I can’t be rich just because I want to. Many factors come in place.

Actually I don’t know why am I typing this. Maybe its because of the music. I don’t know. Life is great for me now. I have everything I want. But I am greedy for more. I can picture my future. But it isn’t easy to achieve it. Like those unfortunate ones. They try very hard but no matter how hard they try there is a limit set for them. They can’t go any further. But I can. I have all I ever wanted. Tell me what is blocking my way. If I can even accept simple challenges then I definitely fail in life.

My life then should be given to those less fortunate ones so that they can achieve their BIG dream. We who are all healthy and living a good life should appreciate what we have. And even who we have. We are lucky to have parent who cares and loves us so much. There are some people who aren’t that lucky.

I told myself once that if one day I become rich I will help those who are in need. To me money is very important but so is a life of another human being. I urge those who are capable to help and to serve those who are in need. Being rich but selfish means there is no meaning in life. From my point of view.

If I am rich in the future, I will share my wealth with those who deserves it. I will open more doors for the less fortunate’s . I will break that limit!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


heello everyone :]

a really brief introduction, i'm yy! heeelllo. :D

aaahh. i feel gawky posting a post here, as well, *points downward* , gossh. look at all the posts below. they're so..formal! *gasp*

so pardon my casual-ness :)
i really can't help it.

Philip just told me to blog about charity. O__________O

that ain't gonna be easy.

lets all be frank here.
everyone has a different veiw of the word "charity".

u could be a kind hearted loving soul, following in the footstep of Mother Theresa, and donating to your organs to random strangers in need of help, building up houses for the homeless, giving 90% of your salary to the poor, and u could be feeling as though u haven't done enough.

u could be giving out 10 cents to the begger by the road and felt as though you're the world greatest person.

u could be the person by the corner, mumbling " charity? what charity? no time. no money. its not like god been treating me well "

get my point?

so, exactly which one are u?

of course, everyone wants to be the Mother theresa follower, well, maybe. except if you have some obssesion about being evil and mean like mojojojo from Power puff girls * roll eyes *

but. Have you been that way?
maybe u want to. like they say. its the thought that counts.


but whats the point of wanting to be that way, if you aren't exactly moving?

You don't need to give out US 47634895734985 to do charity.
You don't need to donate your liver to do charity
and don't worry.

doing charity doesn't mean u must help the old people clean their poop. * though that would be very nice of you.

Personally, ive always felt that doing charity is plainly " making somone's day."

and don't tell me thats somthing difficult.
its not.

everyone just got excuses when it comes to doing charity.

no money
no time
no transport
my dog just die
my goldfish ate my cat

excuses. excuses. excuses.

no wonder the world's so screwed up now.

- yy -


New authors

Hey guys remember the new authors I was talking about? Yeah! I am going to officially introduce them now.

First will be Ng Ping Chien. He joined this blog two days ago and had already contributed 2 articles.

Next will be Lim Yan Yun. She hasn't officially sign up yet but she agreed to join us yesterday.

So these are the authors for now. I might and might not include more people. Hopefully with this team, we will be able to contribute more quality news and articles.

To Ping Chien and Yan Yun, congratulations!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ford Forklift Operator Donates Over $1 Million to Charity

Matel "Mat" Dawson, a forklift driver at Ford Motor Co., has donated $200,000 to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan for scholarships. The gift brings to over $1 million the total amount Dawson has donated to charity so far.

Asked what motivates him to give, Dawson said: "I was raised like that - to help others.... I enjoy it; I can go home and sleep good now."

Dawson, 78, has worked for 59 years at Ford, and might have retired decades ago. Instead, he continues to work 12-hour days, sometimes seven days a week. Although his earnings, including overtime, can reach $100,000, he lives in a one-bedroom apartment and drives a 1985 Ford Escort. His charitable donations usually are for scholarships, which he stipulates must be given on the basis of need to students of all races and backgrounds.

"I've owned big homes and big cars and that don't excite me no more," Dawson told the Detroit News. "I just want people to say that I tried to help somebody."

Source : Philanthropy News Digest - Vol. 5, Issue 15, April 14, 1999.


The story above shows how a elderly citizen of the age of 78 is willing to sacrifice the remaining of his golden years to do charity work. Instead of living in luxury, Dawson decided to continue working just so that he can donate his salary to charity. His charitable spirit is really admirable.

Imagine what we could do for charity, if we followed Dawson's noble footsteps...

- if you have what it takes, just do it. -

Monday, January 15, 2007

Charity Project : In Aid Of The Johor Flood Victims

Scout Troop 151 of SMKBUD(4) is currently planning a charity project to lend a helping hand to the flood victims down south in Johor. If all goes as planned, the announcement our first project of the year will be made during the assembly in school next week.

The aim of this charity project is to raise funds to help the flood victims. We, the committee of this project, propose to donate the money collected from students, parents, and teachers to the Johor flood victims through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS). But of course, other necessities such as bottled water, can food and clothing (all in larger quantities) are all welcomed.

We sincerely hope to receive a fairly good response from the members of the school. All your donations will very much be appreciated. Please bear in mind that we are helping fellow Malaysians. They are going through a really tough time and they need all the help and support they can get.

So please, play a role in society and help the flood victims of Johor!!
Thank you very much.

- a kind deed deserves another -

Including a few new authors in this blog!

I will be including a few new authors in this Charity Blog.

These people will be self pick by me. Same like me they love doing charity. I will introduce them in detail later on.

Their names will be revealed after I get confirmation. Thank You!

Charity Project coming ALIVE

I posted about planning of a charity project yesterday. And today I am glad to announce that the project has been started. I had a meeting with the committee members today and all are looking positive to it. But we changed a few things.

Instead of collecting boxes of mineral water, we are going to collect MONEY. Well I hope everyone will be generous enough to donate. I kinda doubt so but I might be wrong you know? So we are now will dealing with paperworks and approval of this project but I have a strong feeling that its gonna realistic.

I hope all students and teachers from SMK BUD (4) will support this charity project. And let us all give some hope to the victims of the horrible flood. This is the weakest point of their life. I wish I could volunteer myself to go to Johor to personally help out but sadly I have my studies to catch up with.

Hopefully all this flooding will be over soon and all of us in Malaysia and throughout the world can live peacefully.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Planning a Charity Project

Hey all. I am now planning a charity project to help out the flood victims of the Johor State.

The title of the project will be 'Donate a box of Mineral Water Campaign'. Sadly this project will only be within my school. I wish to make it big but I think it is better to just start from small. Maybe later on I will plan something bigger. But after all it's all about charity.

So this project goes like this, letter or leaflets will be given out to all the students of my school (SMK BUD4) to request them to donate a box or a few boxes of mineral water to the organising committee. Then the boxes of water will be donated to the flood victims through a bigger organisation. I am planning to donate the boxes of water through the Malaysia Red Crescent Society (MRCS).

Hopefully this project goes well as it is still under planning stages.

10 Tips on Volunteering Wisely

1. Research the causes or issues important to you.Look for a group that works with issues about which you feel strongly. You might already be giving money to one of these organizations, and that might be a good place to begin your volunteer experience. If you can't find such an organization, here's a challenging and intriguing thought: why not start one yourself? You can rally your neighbors to clean up that vacant lot on the corner, patrol the neighborhood, paint an elderly neighbor's house, take turns keeping an eye on the ailing person down the street, or form a group to advocate for a remedy to that dangerous intersection in your neighborhood. There is no end to the creative avenues for volunteering, just as there is no end to the need for volunteers.

2. Consider the skills you have to offer.If you enjoy outdoor work, have a knack for teaching, or just enjoy interacting with people, you may want to look for volunteer work that would incorporate these aspects of your personality. Many positions require a volunteer who has previous familiarity with certain equipment, such as computers, or who possesses certain skills, such as ability in athletics or communications. For one of these positions you might decide to do something comparable to what you do on the job during your workday, or something that you already enjoy as a hobby. This sort of position allows you to jump right into the work without having to take training to prepare for the assignment.

3. Would you like to learn something new?Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill or gain exposure to a new situation. Consider seeking a volunteer opportunity where you'll learn something new. For example, volunteering to work on the newsletter for the local animal shelter will improve your writing and editing abilities - skills that may help you in your career. Or, volunteering can simply offer a change from your daily routine. For example, if your full-time job is in an office, you may decide to take on a more active volunteer assignment, such as leading tours at an art museum or building a playground. Many nonprofits seek out people who are willing to learn. Realize beforehand, however, that such work might require a time commitment for training before the actual volunteer assignment begins.

4. Combine your goals.Look for volunteer opportunities that will also help you achieve your other goals for your life. For example, if you want to lose a few extra pounds, pick an active volunteer opportunity, such as cleaning a park or working with kids. Or, if you've been meaning to take a cooking class, try volunteering at a food bank that teaches cooking skills.

5. Don't over-commit your schedule.Make sure the volunteer hours you want to give fit into your hectic life, so that you don't frustrate your family, exhaust yourself, shortchange the organization you're trying to help or neglect your job. Do you want a long-term assignment or something temporary? If you are unsure about your availability, or want to see how the work suits you before making an extensive commitment, see whether the organization will start you out on a limited number of hours until you get the feel of things. Better to start out slowly than to commit yourself to a schedule you can't or don't want to fulfill.

6. Nonprofits may have questions, too.While most nonprofits are eager to find volunteer help, they have to be careful when accepting the services you offer. If you contact an organization with an offer to volunteer your time, you may be asked to come in for an interview, fill out a volunteer application, or describe your qualifications and your background just as you would at an interview for a paying job. It is in the organization's interest and more beneficial to the people it serves to make certain you have the skills needed, that you are truly committed to doing the work, and that your interests match those of the nonprofit. Furthermore, in volunteer work involving children or other at-risk populations, there are legal ramifications for the organization to consider.

7. Consider volunteering as a family.Think about looking for a volunteer opportunity suitable for parents and children to do together, or for a husband and wife to take on as a team. When a family volunteers to work together at a nonprofit organization, the experience can bring them closer together, teach young children the value of giving their time and effort, introduce everyone in the family to skills and experiences never before encountered, and give the entire family a shared experience as a wonderful family memory.

8. Virtual volunteering?Yes, there is such a thing! If you have computer access and the necessary skills, some organizations now offer the opportunity to do volunteer work over the computer. This might take the form of giving free legal advice, typing a college term paper for a person with a disability, or simply keeping in contact with a shut-in who has e-mail. This sort of volunteering might be well suited to you if you have limited time, no transportation, or a physical disability that precludes you from getting about freely. Virtual volunteering can also be a way for you to give time if you simply enjoy computers and want to employ your computer skills in your volunteer work.

9. I never thought of that!Many community groups are looking for volunteers, and some may not have occurred to you. Most of us know that hospitals, libraries, and churches use volunteers for a great deal of their work, but here are some volunteer opportunities that may not have crossed your mind:
-Day care centers, Neighborhood Watch, Public Schools and Colleges
-Halfway houses, Community Theaters, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Fraternal Organizations and Civic Clubs
-Retirement Centers and Homes for the Elderly, Meals on Wheels, Church or Community-Sponsored Soup Kitchens or Food Pantries
-Museums, Art Galleries, and Monuments
-Community Choirs, Bands and Orchestras
-Prisons, Neighborhood Parks, Youth Organizations, Sports Teams, and after-school programs Shelters for Battered Women and Children
-Historical Restorations, Battlefields and National Parks

10. Give voice to your heart through your giving and volunteering!Bring your heart and your sense of humor to your volunteer service, along with your enthusiastic spirit, which in itself is a priceless gift. What you'll get back will be immeasurable!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Don't steal to live!

I was notified that a fellow Iranian who is working here in Malaysia lost all his luggages at the KLIA. What a disgrace to our country. This year is suppose to be Visit Malaysia year how could someone smear the image of Malaysia like this.

This stupidity act definately won't gain respect from anyone. Why can one just look for a proper job to earn a living? I really don't understand. So here is a reminder to all to watch out for your belongings and not simply place them around. The world now has changed. Many thiefs are out there.

I feel sorry for the fellow Iranian. Hopefully he will find his stuff back as I was notified that there were important documents in his bags. God bless you!

Donating to charity

Have you ever donated to charity? If no then you should. Every time you do something think of those less fortunate ones. Nothing to eat, no shelter, no parents, no family. How could one not sympathize that? We are all humans who have feelings. Don’t you feel sad for them? If only all mankind in this world can live happily. But sadly it isn’t happening. So we lucky ones should help those less fortunate people. Don’t you think so?

Invest a little doing charity. A dollar a day won’t affect your life but it will help those who are in need. Trust me, you will feel good and happy after doing charity. That kind of satisfaction is unexplainable. You could even plan ahead how much you want to contribute to charity each year. It doesn’t have to be a lot. As long as it is from the bottom of your heart. Being selfish in life wouldn’t make you a very happy man.

You see if each and every one of us contribute a dollar to charity, the final accumulation will be a lot. Besides money, you can also contribute unused items and food. Why throw you old clothing away when you can donate it to charity homes? That is another good deed. They will really appreciate it. As human beings we are suppose to help one another after all. Treat everyone as our friend and never look down on anyone. Lend them a helping hand. It will definitely do them good.

As for me, age has been a barrier. I can’t do much for charity. But still I wouldn’t want to be left out. I occasionally visit charity homes to offer my service. Service in term of a pair of helping hands and so on. Don’t be afraid to approach those charity homes as you will be welcomed with big smiles. =)

Quote of the day : Love others the way you love yourself. End your day with a smile. =)

Any ideas?

Hello again. First of all I would like to announce that the official email address for this blog has been created. Now you can send me emails about events, activities, encouragement or whatoever to the official Charity Blog email address.

Secondly, I would like to ask a favour from all who care about charity to give me ideas on what to blog about. OR you can send your meaningful stories to me and I will post it right here. Your name will be listed as well. You can do so by sending your charity stories to the email address above.

Besides that if you come to know of any upcoming charity events or activities within Malaysia please send me the details and I will post it up in this blog as well. Oh yeah, your stories or experiences can included pictures as well.

Much thanks for everything!

Friday, January 12, 2007

R you intrested in doing charity?

Hey it is really nice to meet people who has similarity as me. I would really love to meet those who love doing charity as well. Maybe we could cooperate organising an activity or event. I would be really fun.

So if you are intrested in doing charity as well please leave you details in the comment form or send me an email at It is an temporary email address as I will get a official one for this blog later on.

Thank You!

Need help?

Hey all, I know that besides me there are many people out there who are also willing to spend time doing charity.

So here I request if there are any charitable events or activities please do include me. I mean if you guys need help I am always here. Feel free to contact me. My number and email address in at the side bar under 'More about ME'.

If you need more people I could also try to gather my friends to help out. Best days are on the weekends or public holidays as I am still in high school.

Thank You!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A welcome message from the owner of this blog

Hi all. My name is Philip. A warm welcome to my blog. I am just an ordinary teenage kid. But I believe I am included in the minority group of teenagers who are willing to spend time and effort towards charity. Charity simply means kindness. Kindness in terms of money, effort, and time we provide to the less fortunate ones.

Well as we all know, not everyone in this world is born healthy and rich. For example, poor people who barely have enough money to live the day or some people who were born without their hands and legs. These are just really simple introductions to what less fortunate people are like. Of course I will not be capable to help each and every less fortunate people in this world but by setting up this blog I can at least try to spread the goodness of doing charity.

In the future if this blog becomes successful I hope to make it even bigger like forming a committee to oversee certain charitable projects I have in mind. I have some other crazy ideas like raising funds, adopting homes and so on. Well this efforts will need years to take place so I hope to get continues support from all of you kind hearted people.

If this effort of mine goes well, I hope to organize activities which will benefit the less fortunate ones. Hopefully I will gain support doing this. I sincerely do not hope for anything in return because I know and I quote Helen Keller, "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do." I am doing this because I believe that those less fortunate ones deserve a better life. And this is what I hope to provide, a better life.

Truthfully saying this might just one day be part of my career life, to help and to serve the community. I promise that I will lend a hand regardless the amount of time and effort that will be spent on this. This blog will also accept comments and articles that are related to charity. Share your thoughts with everyone else. WE would like to know how you are willing to help out or to contribute.

Last of all, I would like to thank all of you who had spend your precious time reading this. I hope you will continue to support this goodness regardless here or some other charitable sites. MAY HOPE BRING US JOY!