Monday, October 22, 2007

Official Notice of Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

The official notice is here. The Fund Raising Campaign will kick start on 1st of November till the 24th of December. Pretty long period I know but in order for people to notice this a lot of effort and marketing needs to be done. Therefore, the campaign is of a long period. If you are did not notice my 1st post on this campaign click here.

By starting this Campaign I certainly do not hope for a few hundred thousand dollars. My personal target for this campaign is RM2000. Although not a lot of money but considering this blog is still pretty new and not frequently updated in the past this amount I target is concededly high. Here once again I hope to gain support from everyone. There is a Chinese proverb saying ‘ If you have the money then donate money but if you do not then help with the strength you have. The strength we bloggers have is the gifted talent of writing. So besides donating please help spread the word to all your blog readers.

I will post the bank in details and all once everything has been finalised. On another note, I am in the midst of selling another of my blog. Therefore to kickstart this campaign, I'll be donating the first RM100. Cheers! =D

For those who are wondering which charity home or organisation we will be donating to, to be honest i've reviewed many but still have not decide. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to share with us. We will be very glad to support any organisation or home without looking at your skin colour, religion and culture. We all live under one roof that is Malaysia. All of us should be proud on being BANGSA MALAYSIA.

I really a really meaningful article from on doing charity. Well close to it. The title of his post is 'It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Give'. He said that we have to give in order to get. What he meant there was if we want to be really successful in life in all ways we first have to learn how to give. To give can be in terms of many forms. Like for instance you can donate to this campaign or you could help one to cross the road. That is also a form of giving. People who are rich but selfish are often lonely. I bet we all do not want to live a lonely live. People around you will like you more if you do charity. That is the fact. In this 17 years I've been living I've seen many things. At the least I could say that I understand the true meaning of doing charity. I want to see smiles on other people's faces. I want to make a person happy.

You can make a difference. Start by donating to this campaign. I ensure you that you will feel good and happy. After you have donated, keep track of what we are doing. Know where your money has gone to and I ensure you again that you will be happier. You will see smiles on people's faces and you share the joy they are in. I guess thats all I have to say. To donate here or not is not the most important. If you do not have faith in us it is fine. But don't stop doing charity. Search for other well known organisations. They will be able to assist you. As long as you do charity no matter where you do it does not matter. Thank You once again.

I have also designed a simple poster with details on this campaign. Later on, I will create more banners and buttons for bloggers to help promote this Fund Raising Campaign. Feel free to use this poster if you intend to promote this campaign. Thanks.

Re: Pay It Forward

Interesting how YY mentioned bout this concept. If I'm not mistaken, I watched a movie with the same title two years ago. Can't really remember the storyline, but the message that was being put through was definitely strong.

I just found out that there was a book written bout it too. Think that the movie was based on that novel.

Anyways, if you'd like to know more bout the 'Pay It Forward' concept, feel free to check out

Spread the word and start paying it forward whenever you have the chance.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

From the starting of next month till the 24th of December, this blog will be organising a fund raising campaign. This campaign is to raise funds for the less fortunates. Everything is still at the planning stage therefore I will not be able reveal much yet. This campaign will be held by a few individuals with a kind heart and not by an organization. Therefore I sincerely hope that all our readers will have faith in us to carry out this campaign.

This post is merely to gain support from people of all walks. As for the fund raising, it will only be held later on. The campaign stops on the 24th of December is so that we are in time to give out the funds as a Christmas Gift. Full details of this campaign will soon to be revealed and I really hope everyone will support our good action.

For those who are interested in donating regardless of the amount you can contact us at or contact me personally @ 0176139528 (Philip Yong). This campaign will be headed by me with a few friends assisting me. All of us will play a big role in this campaign to make it a success. If time is willing, I am most happy to meet up with anyone of you who have doubts about this campaign. I know this is a realistic world and people tend to not trust such cases as many people out there are cheating money by fund raising. But be ansured that the funds raised by us will be given fully to the less fortunate.

Dear bloggers I also hope that you'll help us to spread the word about this campaign. As we all know words by mouth are the most powerful.

Lastly, I thank all our readers for supporting us and May God Bless You! Thank You.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pay it forward. No you don't need money for that.

Bless this blog.
I'm updating this.

Recently, i've read this article in Star about " Pay it forward "
I've honestly love this concept of "paying it forward"

what? whats pay it forward?
no it doesn't mean the McD drive through when the dude behind the window tells you " Pay it, forward la! "

*cough* ahem.
wikipedia : Pay it forward or paying it forward refers to repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people

Seriously. The world should apply this concept in their daily lives.
We don't necessarily need to talk about transfering organs or giving away 8 digits amount of money. OR giving away your whole collection of Jimmy Choos.

Paying it forward can be applied in alot of situation say,

1. Helping the dude behind you pay the toll ( though in normal cases, the only thing the car infront of you is willing to give is the tallest of all his finger . lets face it, we all kena before and we just wish to chop that finger off, don't we? )

2. Giving away sweets or chocolates to anyone who seem upset ( though in normal cases, the people would give you this incredulous look and think you're tryin to poison them and rob their money)

3. Going to others website and saying something nice regarding what they had posted ( though in normal cases, people would just brush it off and post something malicious like for example : You chixin de!/ OMG. You look like a whore! / *something stupid* )

4. Cutting out helpful articles and giving them to people who's interested in the issue ( though in normal cases, people would say " MALAS CUT LA " or " U THINK I SO FREE AH " or the classisc " HE WANTS, HE CUT HIMSELF LA " )

5. Smile at a stranger and brighten his/her day ( though in normal cases, the people you smile at would probably run away screaming " ORANG GILA! ORANG GILA " )

ain't i right?

here's a dare,
you're going to wake up tomorrow, and do something nice to someone you don't know/unrelated too, you won't expect anything for return, and you'll leave with that nice warm fuzzy feeling for doing good.

are you up to it?

Monday, August 20, 2007

I have not given up!

Hey fellow readers. Well I hope this blog still has readers or at least a reader. haha. I haven't been updating this blog nor doing charity lately because of time contraints. You see I have a major examination coming up and I really need to focus. So yeah I decided to neglect this blog for a while but I'll be back eventually. If you followed this blog, you should know that my dream of opening an orphanage has not realised so yeah I won't give up.

I know that opening an orphanage ain't easy but I'll try my best. No matter what. But in order to do so I need a good education so yeah need to focus on my studies at the moment. I received an e-mail from a dear reader recently asking me whether I already sign up to be a sponsor of World Vision. Well, my answer is no. But it will be as soon as I am done with my exam. Hopefully then there will still be a child for me to sponsor.

Here's what the reader, Zarahn wrote

Hey there Philip,
Hello, I've read your World Vision-Sponsor A Childblog and i am pretty
curious and wondering whether youhave already sign up as one of the child
sponsor(asyou did not update your blog for quite some time).Anyway, I have the
same aim as you, to persuade mybrother to sign up and to sponsor another
child.(There are still 37 kids out of 5000 out there waitingfor sponsors)
So you keep it up!

Once again I would like to note that doing charity is a good cause. Don't be selfish the world does not only revolve around you. Do not ask what the world can do for you but ask yourself what can you do for the world.

I'll be back!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting started once more.

Firstly, on behalf on all the authors, I'd like to apologise for the serious lack of updates. We've been busy with our studies. Since the midterm exam is over and done with, we can get back to charity.

We're planning to organize a charity trip this coming July or August. We haven't actually decided where to go. Orphanage? Old folks home? Disabled home? Animal shelter? They're all under consideration.

To you out there. Yes, you. The person reading this post. If you or your organization needs any volunteers or if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address -

Thanks alot for taking your time to visit our blog!! =]