Monday, August 20, 2007

I have not given up!

Hey fellow readers. Well I hope this blog still has readers or at least a reader. haha. I haven't been updating this blog nor doing charity lately because of time contraints. You see I have a major examination coming up and I really need to focus. So yeah I decided to neglect this blog for a while but I'll be back eventually. If you followed this blog, you should know that my dream of opening an orphanage has not realised so yeah I won't give up.

I know that opening an orphanage ain't easy but I'll try my best. No matter what. But in order to do so I need a good education so yeah need to focus on my studies at the moment. I received an e-mail from a dear reader recently asking me whether I already sign up to be a sponsor of World Vision. Well, my answer is no. But it will be as soon as I am done with my exam. Hopefully then there will still be a child for me to sponsor.

Here's what the reader, Zarahn wrote

Hey there Philip,
Hello, I've read your World Vision-Sponsor A Childblog and i am pretty
curious and wondering whether youhave already sign up as one of the child
sponsor(asyou did not update your blog for quite some time).Anyway, I have the
same aim as you, to persuade mybrother to sign up and to sponsor another
child.(There are still 37 kids out of 5000 out there waitingfor sponsors)
So you keep it up!

Once again I would like to note that doing charity is a good cause. Don't be selfish the world does not only revolve around you. Do not ask what the world can do for you but ask yourself what can you do for the world.

I'll be back!


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