Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pay it forward. No you don't need money for that.

Bless this blog.
I'm updating this.

Recently, i've read this article in Star about " Pay it forward "
I've honestly love this concept of "paying it forward"

what? whats pay it forward?
no it doesn't mean the McD drive through when the dude behind the window tells you " Pay it, forward la! "

*cough* ahem.
wikipedia : Pay it forward or paying it forward refers to repaying the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people

Seriously. The world should apply this concept in their daily lives.
We don't necessarily need to talk about transfering organs or giving away 8 digits amount of money. OR giving away your whole collection of Jimmy Choos.

Paying it forward can be applied in alot of situation say,

1. Helping the dude behind you pay the toll ( though in normal cases, the only thing the car infront of you is willing to give is the tallest of all his finger . lets face it, we all kena before and we just wish to chop that finger off, don't we? )

2. Giving away sweets or chocolates to anyone who seem upset ( though in normal cases, the people would give you this incredulous look and think you're tryin to poison them and rob their money)

3. Going to others website and saying something nice regarding what they had posted ( though in normal cases, people would just brush it off and post something malicious like for example : You chixin de!/ OMG. You look like a whore! / *something stupid* )

4. Cutting out helpful articles and giving them to people who's interested in the issue ( though in normal cases, people would say " MALAS CUT LA " or " U THINK I SO FREE AH " or the classisc " HE WANTS, HE CUT HIMSELF LA " )

5. Smile at a stranger and brighten his/her day ( though in normal cases, the people you smile at would probably run away screaming " ORANG GILA! ORANG GILA " )

ain't i right?

here's a dare,
you're going to wake up tomorrow, and do something nice to someone you don't know/unrelated too, you won't expect anything for return, and you'll leave with that nice warm fuzzy feeling for doing good.

are you up to it?


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