Monday, October 08, 2007

Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

From the starting of next month till the 24th of December, this blog will be organising a fund raising campaign. This campaign is to raise funds for the less fortunates. Everything is still at the planning stage therefore I will not be able reveal much yet. This campaign will be held by a few individuals with a kind heart and not by an organization. Therefore I sincerely hope that all our readers will have faith in us to carry out this campaign.

This post is merely to gain support from people of all walks. As for the fund raising, it will only be held later on. The campaign stops on the 24th of December is so that we are in time to give out the funds as a Christmas Gift. Full details of this campaign will soon to be revealed and I really hope everyone will support our good action.

For those who are interested in donating regardless of the amount you can contact us at or contact me personally @ 0176139528 (Philip Yong). This campaign will be headed by me with a few friends assisting me. All of us will play a big role in this campaign to make it a success. If time is willing, I am most happy to meet up with anyone of you who have doubts about this campaign. I know this is a realistic world and people tend to not trust such cases as many people out there are cheating money by fund raising. But be ansured that the funds raised by us will be given fully to the less fortunate.

Dear bloggers I also hope that you'll help us to spread the word about this campaign. As we all know words by mouth are the most powerful.

Lastly, I thank all our readers for supporting us and May God Bless You! Thank You.


save my child said...

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please only $1 from each person can save my only child
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please help me... I don't want to lose my only child...
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Thank You, May God Bless You!!

america said...

This is fun when the internet world can really make a real good meaning to life.Great job.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i was looking around at a few non profit orginizations that are being ran by a Rotary. And i found this one thats very interesting and i checked up on it, its called House Of Your Choice Raffle and its funded and ran
by the Santa Clarita Rotary Club. Its fully legit fully legal and they have a raffle number and everything. Heres a link to there blog, hope you guys check it out and start following them. because i guess its an every year thing.
I bought a few tickets myself.

Also hey theres only 6 days left maybe the owner of this blog can post up something on there blogs to kinda help
spread the word!

Myspace -

Blog -

Website -

MikeyW said...

My family and I are having a tough time this Christmas season with money. I get disability but it is just enough to pay our bills and really nothing left after that. I hate to ask for help, but I do not want my kids to go without just because of my disability situation.

I am a 100% disabled veteran, I have PTSD from serving 2 tours in Iraq. It took so long for the VA benefits to start that we got very behind on our bills. Still recovering from that and trying to just make it on this limited income has been a challenge all of its own. I don't know what else to do but put my story out there and hope that someone will help us in this time of need.

Please email me at with any questions or if you know any organizations that can help me in this time of need.

Thanks to the editor of this blog for all you have done to help this season!

america said...

Just want to let you know that you are doing an excellent job.And I am sure that the message will reach all those who want to help you with this venture.

Jenn Santanello said...

Vote for a good cause to get $5000 from my company this year! Go to You can vote for the money to go towards anything you care long as it is a 401(c)3 charity.

You can also post your personal wish for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Here, people do good deeds

car donation said...

I used to have this old used car that is not in perfect condition anmore. When we bought another car last year, I started to neglect my old baby. When i donated this old car at cars4causes, I even got a tax deduction at the end of the year. Pretty impressive....

Kevin Rutter - Charity Auctioneer said...

Great posts guy but I haven't seen any recent blog posts in a very long time.

Jen said...

Questions about charities with out garbage.

children non profit said...

Nice one!!!

People always looking for this kind of blog and wants to do charity for the people who really needy.