Monday, October 22, 2007

Official Notice of Charity Blog Fund Raising Campaign

The official notice is here. The Fund Raising Campaign will kick start on 1st of November till the 24th of December. Pretty long period I know but in order for people to notice this a lot of effort and marketing needs to be done. Therefore, the campaign is of a long period. If you are did not notice my 1st post on this campaign click here.

By starting this Campaign I certainly do not hope for a few hundred thousand dollars. My personal target for this campaign is RM2000. Although not a lot of money but considering this blog is still pretty new and not frequently updated in the past this amount I target is concededly high. Here once again I hope to gain support from everyone. There is a Chinese proverb saying ‘ If you have the money then donate money but if you do not then help with the strength you have. The strength we bloggers have is the gifted talent of writing. So besides donating please help spread the word to all your blog readers.

I will post the bank in details and all once everything has been finalised. On another note, I am in the midst of selling another of my blog. Therefore to kickstart this campaign, I'll be donating the first RM100. Cheers! =D

For those who are wondering which charity home or organisation we will be donating to, to be honest i've reviewed many but still have not decide. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to share with us. We will be very glad to support any organisation or home without looking at your skin colour, religion and culture. We all live under one roof that is Malaysia. All of us should be proud on being BANGSA MALAYSIA.

I really a really meaningful article from on doing charity. Well close to it. The title of his post is 'It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Give'. He said that we have to give in order to get. What he meant there was if we want to be really successful in life in all ways we first have to learn how to give. To give can be in terms of many forms. Like for instance you can donate to this campaign or you could help one to cross the road. That is also a form of giving. People who are rich but selfish are often lonely. I bet we all do not want to live a lonely live. People around you will like you more if you do charity. That is the fact. In this 17 years I've been living I've seen many things. At the least I could say that I understand the true meaning of doing charity. I want to see smiles on other people's faces. I want to make a person happy.

You can make a difference. Start by donating to this campaign. I ensure you that you will feel good and happy. After you have donated, keep track of what we are doing. Know where your money has gone to and I ensure you again that you will be happier. You will see smiles on people's faces and you share the joy they are in. I guess thats all I have to say. To donate here or not is not the most important. If you do not have faith in us it is fine. But don't stop doing charity. Search for other well known organisations. They will be able to assist you. As long as you do charity no matter where you do it does not matter. Thank You once again.

I have also designed a simple poster with details on this campaign. Later on, I will create more banners and buttons for bloggers to help promote this Fund Raising Campaign. Feel free to use this poster if you intend to promote this campaign. Thanks.


pelf said...

Hi Philip, from my past experience, donors are more inclined to donate if they knew where their money was going in the first place. "The money will be used to help the less fortunate people" sounds too general.

My advice is, identify an organization/person, and campaign to raise funds for that particular organization/person/cause.

I wish you all the best :)

K.S.Lye said...

Hi there!

I like your blog and the goodness it represent. Therefore have selected to tagged you. Hope you spread the lovelinks on.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Here's a quick and easy way to help non-profits. I came across an online retailer that generates funds for non-profits. The web address is On this site, you can donate a percentage of your purchase to any of the 19,000+ charities and organizations listed. If you can’t find the NPO you want to donate to, there’s an option to add new organizations at It’s a really innovative concept; a place where you can shop online and do something good.

Bobby Vassallo said...

Way to go, Philip. Looks good! has some ideas on Philanthropy. I hope your readers and bloggers will really seek out the worthy places to donate. All the best! Bobby Vassallo

Anonymous said...

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Raise Magazine said...

Good afternoon! It looks as though it's been a while since this blog was updated. Did you hit your fundraising target? We're planning the next issue of Raise Magazine and we like to hear about fundraising efforts all over the world!

DRINK 1, GIVE 10 said...

A great action by now is the program; it deserves taking a look at it...

Jonny82 said...

Andor Technology plc is offering the chance to win $400 for a charity of your choice by simply designing their 2008 Christmas Card.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


mike said...

We have enabled vacation home owners to donate time at their home for auction events. It's an easy way for 2nd home owners to get involved.

Vacation Homes For Charity

Steichs said...

Please take charity survey:

An Trinh said...

Dear Charity blog,

I am An Trinh, from Vietnam – an Asian country. I am typing this message to you for a hope. Maybe I ask wrong place, but please read my message.

I am a first-year student. I live with my grandmom and my little brother in Cantho city, Vietnam. My parents are working in Malaysia for a foot-wear factory to support their family in Vietnam. But the amount of money transferred to Vietnam monthly is not enough for my grandmom’s uterous cancer treatment. Doctors said that we need more than 2000$ to hope something about her aliveness. Now, my family have got into huge debts – from bank and individuals. And my beloved grandmom has to suffer from great pain more and more, day after day.

I have a part-time job in a small supermarket, clean the storehouse. As far as I realize, my wage is just enough for daily meals. My little brother has studied in primary school. He is too young to stop studying for earning money. My little brother, after school time, he sells lottery ticket to get some money for his study. He wants to give me a hand. One day, he asked me “Can I stop my study?”, immediately, I said “No, I can pay your school fee, dear”. But I don’t know if I really can or not. My parents’ salary are not so high, they can not afford the flight ticket to get back hometown annually even they really want to. Their living in Malaysia is so hard with such low income. I’m afraid that we are impossible to settle debts.

I know I am still lukier than many others all over the world. But I really want my grandmom have better feelings, I really want to do something. She’s in the last period of uterous cancer, sometimes she can not eat anything due to the hurt. She doesn’t have much chances to be alive as the treatment cost is too high. She’s at the age of 75. I wish if she left this life with peaceful emotion, not with extremely pains like this. I have no idea what to do now. I wanna borrow money for my grandmom’s treatment, but have not paid debts yet. Can you do me a favor? To help my family pass this hard time.

My email:
Thanks for reading my message.
With regards,
An Trinh

Ama Foundation said...

I'd definitely let my nears & knowns about your charity.

save my child said...

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Anonymous said...

It is really great what you are doing here with charity. Stephen Dent is following your lead with his charity website. Keep up the great work and god bless America.

Gerry said...

I too saw the movie and believe that it is a good idea. Any idea that can benefit a charity and its purpose is worthwhile. At we try to provide ideas to educate charities.

Oliver Greene said...

The Philippines is on its very worst and traumatic situation due to the ravishing and fierce typhoon that flooded the several regions of the country. Currently, the country’s situation is in a deep sorrow and distress due to the typhoon’s home destruction and vast land devastation. Hundreds of lives were taken by the typhoon and many homes have been flooded and destroyed. Several families have been affected and their homes have been swallowed by the great waters and destroyed all material things and even the lives of Filipino people. Now the Philippines is in the mode of seeking for help from its government and other neighbouring countries.

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blanket said...

It is important to make a correct decision of the place of donation for good work.Ultimately it should be used for good and right motives.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i was looking around at a few non profit orginizations that are being ran by a Rotary. And i found this
one thats very interesting and i checked up on it, its called House Of Your Choice Raffle and its funded and ran
by the Santa Clarita Rotary Club. Its fully legit fully legal and they have a raffle number and everything. Heres
a link to there blog, hope you guys check it out and start following them. because i guess its an every year thing.
I bought a few tickets myself.

Also hey theres only 6 days left maybe the owner of this blog can post up something on there blogs to kinda help
spread the word!

Myspace -

Blog -

Website -

blankets said...

Good that at least some people are truly trying to extent their goodness to the poor and the needy.

Victoria said...

please read my blog:

Anonymous said...

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You can also post your personal wish for 2010!

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charities jobs said...

Forgot to say you should really get involved with social media sites to get this charity known!

Do you have a facebook account or fan page? thats a good start!

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ganesh iyer said...

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