Friday, March 02, 2007 n 1 all the situations, events, people etc that influence the way in which people live or work: a helpful learning environment a more competitive economic environment 2 the environment the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live: More legislation is needed to protect the environment. adj concerning or affecting the air, land, or water on Earth: the environmental damage caused by the chemical industry n someone who is concerned about protecting the environment

environmental friendly adj soaps, containers etc that are environmentally friendly do not harm the environment

Source : Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English International Students Edition


Yeah, a post on the Environment again.

As you can see for yourself based on the above definitions, the Environment (air, land, or water) affects all (people, animals, and plants).

Mankind should stop being so selfish and start being more considerate to the Environment.


The Air...
Smoking in public should be banned. "Tak Nak!!"
People should learn how to car-pool.
Public transportation is always available.
Factories should filter the exhaust fumes/smoke.
Deforestation must be put to a stop.
Open burning causes serious pollution.

The Land...
Littering sucks.
Less chemicals/fertilizers should be used.
Development must be controlled.
Littering really sucks.
So do something. Recycle.

The Water...
Toxic waste should go to other places.
Stop throwing rubbish in.
Told you littering sucks.
Please don't be doing any form of business here.
Have mercy on the aquatic organisms.


Here are some situations/things that I really dislike:

The traffic light is red. The driver of the car infront of me opens his door/window. He looks around. What does he do next? "Kaaa-puiiiiii!!" Spits out of his car. *SPLAT* Gross.

My neighbour. Smoking infront of the lifts. The smoke and smell goes into every unit on the 9th floor. Can't he just smoke at his balcony??

Some guy on a motorbike speeds past. Guess what you see next? Something flying away from him. The piece of rubbish he just threw into the air like that.

In a restaurant. An air-conditioned one. At the non-smoking section. An old man taking out the pack of cigarettes from his shirt's pocket. He lights it with a lighter and puffs away happily. What do I do? Go *COUGH COUGH* on purpose. Sometimes the person beside him realises what I'm doing. Guess what? Nothing is ever done. Why do I even try...

The worst of all. During camps. Going into the river to have some fun. What do we find? That's right. Diapers. Not empty ones. The types that are loaded with you-know-what. Why can't these parents be a little more responsible and take care of their child's 'product'?


That's my post for today. Will update again as soon as I'm free and able to use the computer. Ciaos.

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