Monday, March 19, 2007

god is watching. :)

why do people do charity?

a random question was raised in the middle of our english lesson.
Our teacher raised her eyebrows, obviously expecting for an answer.

there was silence in the class.

how akward. how ironic. afterall, this is the best class. shouldn't they be *cough* experinced in charity stuffs.
a thought cross my mind.

after what seem like a kazillion light years away, a plump hand was raised.

heads turned.
oh. him.

helping people is actually being selfish. they're actually helping themselves.

why am i not surprise.
i rolled my eyes dramatically.

As much as i wanna say no, i gotta admit. this guy here has some point.

My teacher nodded in agreement and went on with how religions these days motivate people into doing good deeds in order to reach heaven/ get a good karma.

maybe just a minority of the human population thinks that way. i don't know, i don't read minds.

but frankly speaking, if you're helping others just because u feel like god is watching, its like doing your homework just because you fear your teacher. which i felt, is a mislead.

do homework, in order to gain education.
Do charity, in order to make the world a better place.

but even if you're holding a " oh god is watching me and i wanna look real good " kind of intention, still, atleast, implant a sense of " aah. i wanna help people too! " kinda intention.

u people get me? :)


a smallest good deed, is always greater than the biggest intention.

have a nice day.


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bananas in pajamas said...

is the word plump hand really enough to describe him??

on topic:for those who started charity because they felt like god is watching,its hard for them to stop doing it out of fear for god,maybe even impossible.but they can at least try to really care about the work they do,and feel real sympathy for those in need so at least they stay true to the cause(with or without pressure).=)