Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Charity by buying chicken rice at RM2.50!

Is it that hard to help a sick and needy person to buy a plate of chicken rice?
after all, it only cost about RM2.50 in school.

Charity is about helping ppl, especially the SICK and NEEDY.

So next time when someone asks u to help him/her buy food,
regardless whether it is bak kut teh or chicken rice...


who knows... that plate/bowl of food might just save his/her life...

Charity comes from the heart, regardless of the size.
  • Buying food for ppl
  • Saving an ant
  • Picking up rubbish to save the environment
  • etc.
Speaking of ants.... to ALL animal activists out there!!

Lets all be practical... We live in a world where the
"strong will survive and the weak shall perish".
So.. in a scenario where it's 'kill or be killed'....
For example, u come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle.

what can u do?

Do you give up ur own life just because of ur love for animals?
Definitely NO!
Do you run away?
NO! cause u can nvr outrun an animal.
So wat do u do?

I'm not trying to say it's good to kill
It's BAD to kill!

However i must say that it's ur bad karma if u happen to come face to face with a furious bear in the middle of the jungle!

So my point is... DO CHARITY!!
this world would be a much better place....
u will also find that ur luck will also improve...
(u won't meet furious bears in the middle of the jungle)
u get emo less as u've seen ppl with worse luck..
There's also the saying 'the more u give, the more u get'..

so.. wat r u waiting for?
get out there and DO CHARITY!

sekian, terima kasih!

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