Friday, February 02, 2007

1 cent.

lazy laaa. no inspiration.

* 5 seconds later *

omg. you're about as bad as philip.
blog about whatever's on your mind la
i'm currently thinking of chee cheong fun
well. relate charity and chee cheong fun together! make up a story!


so i shall try.

there's this stall in Jalan teluk bagaluhu selling chee cheong fun and giving its profit to a nearby orphanage. the person in charge, mr lim wee teck, even gives out free chee cheong fun every 3 months to the orphanage. he's an awesome man. he won the nobel chee cheong fun award. end of story.

-- the above story is fiction---


Please refer below to this particular post * the one with alot of pictures *

LET ME TELL U SOMETHING. oh look at the people inside. they're all so happy lada lada lada. even i'm smiling.
but let me tell u something.

no seriously.

top ten excuses i've heard since collecting money for the flood victims.
and if any of u still haven't figure out by now, yes. i'm yan yun. eesh.

10. i left my money in class. this is pure classic.

9. i donated there! * point in some random direction with really big wide eyes as though i just said GIVE ME YOUR KIDNEYS! *

8. I TAK ADA MONEY LA/ BO LUI/ I PO KAI * while holding a big plate of chee cheong fun with extra fishballs*

7. I DONATED YESTERDAY LA! * extremely loudly like some beca ah pek *

6. they didn't even talk to me. they ran away when they see me 1000 km away.

5. here. here. i donate. * held out random money from the box and put it back again * * applause for self * super sweat case.

4. why u keep asking me for money wan ah?

3. you be happy i didn't rob u weyh!

2. they will survive wan la. sure! sure!

1. siao. for what i wanna donate.


but its okay. I SHALL TOLERATE FOR THE SAKE OF CHARITY! * toleransi toleransi toleransi *

but its the thought that counts. :) so if u donated, YAY U!

but still. please la.

can your thought be a little eensy bit more than 1 sen?

this post has no means to offend any 1 cent -derma-ers.



Philip said...

hahhaha chee cheong fun and charity. This post is crazy. but fun!

__earth said...

you really don't need to ping your apology after the flood.

Philip said...

i apologise because i didnt want anybody to misunderstand and come scolding me. I experience that be4

__earth said...

its okay. just don't do it again.

Anyway, keep up the good work on your charity activity.