Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Environment

This is the first time I am blogging about the environment. What accually is the environment? The environment to me is the natural resources given to us by God. For examples, the forest, beautiful flora and fauna, the ocean and many more.

Although some of us did not experience it but we all know that things aren't the same anymore. The environment is getting threaten by us humans. Why do I say so? People are now chopping down trees or deforestation for development. This is not only a threat for us but also the plants and animals living in the jungle. Their habitat is being destroyed by humans. What a shame.

Many organisations has been set up to protect the environment but nothing is going to help if people still do not realise the mistakes they had made. I will be quite impossible for us to do anything if they don't change their mindset. Oh God what can we do?

QUITE impossible. But not entirely impossible. There is still hope as long as we work hard to protect the environment. I myself love nature very much. I occasionally go for mountain expedition and stuff like that. What I am disapointed is that most of the mountains I had hiked are filled with all sorts of rubbish. From bottles to shirts. Everything you can imagine. And once half way climbing up a mountain, me and my friends went through an empty land which has already been deforested by some jerks. The land before was filled with beautiful plants and trees. What is happening to the world? Or lets say why are we humans doing all these?

Examples of organisations set up to protect the environment are World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS). This two groups and actively involved in protecting the environment. I hope in the future I will have the capability and support to set up such organisations. That is one of many wild dreams. Not it is not impossible! It is really saddening to see that not many people are concern about the environment anymore. Hopefully these people will realise and act to protect the environment.

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