Sunday, February 25, 2007

the environment.

im back. and honestly, i have no idea what to blog about.


wait, idea coming. the environment.

yeah, i know that this is a charity blog.

but there's no harm in adding environmental issues right?

so, in this post, i'll blog on some of the problems we face today.

and i know that this sounds real boring. so?


global warming. green house effect. thinning of the ozone.

honestly, i have no clue on the differences between these three problems.

however, i do know that one has to do with the burning sun, the melting of ice at the north pole, the hole in the ozone, and so on so forth.

i also know that we dont want them to go on any longer.


we are running out of natural resources.

do you want to live on other planets in the future?

no seriously, do you?

okay fine. maybe some of you do.

erm, never mind.


let's move on then.


pity the trees la!

or pity the earth!

it's like plucking out your hair strand by strand!

doesn't that make you go *OUCH!!*?

imagine what mother nature is going through.


open fires and bush fires.

again, imagine.

setting your head on fire.




that's more like it.


what else you ask?


most people hate it.

and yet, most people do it.


people just dont care.


"i care for what?!"


okay, i admit. this post isnt very informative.

just wanna update the blog for the sake of...

updating the blog la.

what else?

playing with colours and fonts is FUN !!

anything else?




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