Sunday, February 11, 2007

ACCA Charity Drive

ACCA member Candy contacted us inviting us to do some voluntary work just recently.
Event : Charity Drive
Organizer : ACCA
Date : 10.02.2006
Time : 10am - 5pm
Venue : Wisma Denmark Parking Lot
Objective : To Help The Johor Flood Victims
Yesterday, Philip, Shern Yang, and myself arrived at the Dang Wangi LRT station at around 3pm. We went straight to the location of the charity drive. It was easy to spot as there were tents/canopies set up there.
And so, we made our way over and introduced ourselves. We were brought up to the 27th floor of the Wisma Denmark building to the ACCA office in search of Candy/Hannah.
They were both not there, so we went back down to the site. We were given mandarin oranges and bottles of water by the other ACCA members who were present. One of them helped to take this photo of us.

L-R : Ping Chien, Shern Yang, Philip Yong.
As there wasn't much that we could do at the time, we just chilled. I went around taking some photos.

ACCA - The largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body in the world.
Boxes of donation items collected by the ACCA.

Some of the ACCA members at the charity drive.

The Kuala Lumpur Tower at 421m.
Philip and Shern Yang chilling.
The lorry is finally here. So enough relaxing and all.. Let's get to work!!
An ACCA member at work.
In red are Hannah and Philip - helping to tape the boxes.
Ping Chien and Shern Yang taping up a box.

Philip passing on boxes to be loaded onto the lorry.

Ping Chien helping to transfer mineral water to the lorry.

Shern Yang passing a box to be loaded as well.
Philip went onto lorry to help out.
Ping Chien lifting box up to the lorry.
Shern Yang lifting a box up to the lorry too.
Struggling to get a huge box of can food up to the lorry.
Shern Yang and Ping Chien helping to take down the tables.
In white is Candy helping ACCA members.
That's the last of those boxes.
The trio resting after loading the boxes onto the lorry.
The lorry driver chillax with his wife who's in the lorry.

After loading every single box into the lorry, we lingered around the area for a while. ACCA member Seri presented each of us with an ACCA 2007 Planner as a token of appreciation. We then said goodbye to the ACCA members and made our way back home via LRT.
At the end of everyday, rays of sunshine and hope shines on the land below.

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CuCumBeR151 said...

Hey, cool blog. And ping chien forgot to put in the part where philip was half an hour late.. Haha..
Anyways, the Charity Drive was quite a successful one, because alot of colleges donated alot of stuff to help the Johor flood victims. =)
Lastly, its great to see that many youngsters are still volunteering to do charity work..