Thursday, February 08, 2007

it never kills to do charity.

hey, be nice. do charity.
dude. u're kidding me man. those people. they deserve what they get.
what do you mean?
Its karma. God wants them that way, suffered and tortured. I'm not gonna help them
you're mean.
I'll sue your for verbal abuse.


do u think that way?

so if a person is born dumb. God wants him that way. and we shouldn't help him?
so if a person is born stupid. and if God wants him that way...

whats the whole point of schools?
waste bricks. waste paints. waste time. waste our fun hormones. waste paper.

the same concept applies here.

school is built to help enlarge our brains. in other words, not to make you stupid. just imagine how retarded we'll be without the school. sure enough, its not exactly the happiest place on earth, but don't deny that they had helped u in a way.

same thing.

Get going with charity helps the misfortunates. sure enough charity isn't the most fun thing to do. i mean, heck. trying to get jumping cats off your tee or cleaning babies diapers ( trust me they don't smell good ) ain't THAT fun.

but the act of charity. no matter how big or how small. is a very noble act.

please. if you're not the helping kind, atleast don't stand by the side and go
" HAHAHAHAHAHA. sucker! " while doing the congga dance.

thats pretty mean.



be blessed with what you got. don't ask for more.
don't ask what the world owes you. ask what you owe the world.

the world don't revolve around you.

so get moving.

your help today might come back to you one day.
no man can live on one hand.



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weeteck said...

that karma stuff is misleading.lets say you did something bad to someone,so they did something bad back to you this time,to punish you for your sins.but in return they are punished AGAIN for doing bad to you.its a never ending cycle!