Saturday, February 03, 2007

To have a Heart. <3

What does it mean to have a heart? Yeah, having that organ which pumps blood throughout your body in the form of oxyhaemoglobin which will be bright red in colour so that your body cells can carry out cellular respiration to perform the specific tasks that they're supposed to just so that you can stay alive.

No, seriously. What does it truly mean to have a heart? Having that organ keeping you alive doesn't really mean anything. Not if you're not making a difference in this world. Not if you're not making a difference in this world, knowing that you are capable of doing it. Even if it's just a small difference. It is still a difference. A good one.

So, how can you actually make a difference in this world? Note: when I say world, I don't mean something huge, something global or international. It could be a slight difference in your very own neighbourhood or something. And when I say difference, I mean a good difference.

Back to how you're gonna make a difference. I'll start by telling a 'story'. Well, I was watching television just now. Channel ntv7. There was this chinese programme called 'Finding Angels'. I used to watch it for quite some time, but not anymore. Anyway, I managed to watch the ending of this week's episode.

It was on this old man whom I think is living in Taiping Perak. Why do I think so? Well, this is the story. He is poor. Meaning his family is poor as well. During the interview, there was this girl beside him. If I'm not mistaken, it was his daughter. The host of the show was asking him : Where have you brought them (his grandchildren I suppose) to? His answer was : Taiping Zoo, Lumut, the docks - all nearby places. The host asked him : I heard that you have been planning to bring them to the Parliament Builing. Why haven't we heard any news about that all this time? He replied : There are problems - organizing it as well as financial problems.

This kind old man just wants to bring his grandchildren down to Selangor to visit the Parliament Building in hopes that they'll be able to learn more in life. However, he is incapable of doing so due to his financial status. So, if you're interested in helping him out, you can e-mail 'Finding Angels' at

There are many other people you can help out. Our beloved country, Malaysia. Every now and then, you'll see a guy on the sidewalk begging for money. Most people will avoid him or ignore him. Some people would give 10, 20 cents, or even RM1 or RM2 to that guy. Why? It's either out of pity, or just so that he won't keep bugging you. Some people might even donate because they are truly kind at heart, and would like to help him. This is the right way to donate. With sincerity.

The guy may be perfectly healthy and all, but if you are truly kind enough, donating to him isn't a problem, of course. What about those people who are disabled, lying on the road in the middle of the way when you visit the night market? Pity them? Donate to them. However, you must NEVER fall for those fakers out there.

Situation : On the street, you come across a monk. He looks kind, gentle, and peacful. He's wearing orange robes. In his hands is a bowl. He walks up to you or you walk towards him. And in that bowl, you see coins and notes - money.
Solution : Walk away. Real monks never ask for cash donations. They ask for Arms, or Danna - mostly in the form of food. NEVER cash.

Okay, I'm going way off topic here. Supposed to be about having a heart and how to make a good difference. So, have a heart! Help those truly in need. How to make a difference? Simple.

Just contact us and get involved in any of the charity projects that we will be planning and organizing throughout the whole year. If you have any ideas or suggestions, just tell us about it. We would appreciate that very much. We'll work it through and carry out a charity project, our charity project, together.

Once more, I would like to stress on how important and appreciated your thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions, as well as support are to us.

" Have a Heart !!"

Thank you.

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