Monday, February 26, 2007

size 12 is not fat either.

i'm 29.
you serious? but you was 27 last time.
29. no. i'm serious.
wtheck. you're kidding.
no. i'm not.
god. you gotta stop eating man.

that conversation happened in the fitting room.

you get me now?

Flip through any teenage magazines these days, OH, how thoughtful of them, they've definitely included pages of how kids these days are trying to be stick thin, how girls these days stuff up toothbrushes into their throat, how guys take steroids and well, the list go on. sometimes they even throw in a bonus : " Ways to manage your diet" and " Best organic restaurant to go to " not to forget " Shops where you go to where's you'r a XXXXL" *roll eyes*

its pretty ironic you know, seeing that well,
they've also included 6895 full pages of stick thin model prancing in their oh-so-dainty outfit.

lets face it. the world don't like big people. now who do we point to?


Who do we blame when girl stuff their fingers into their throat?

The world can be so oblivious sometimes towards the discrimination they channel around. Everyone's so busy trying to impress each other, they forgot the fact that no one is perfect. Of course, to say that i have no care about what the world thinks of me, i would be a liar. Everyone wants to fit in.

and some people go to dangerous steps to fit in.

" hey. i can be stick thin too. i'll just starve myself to 5 days. or maybe i'll just feed myself on mineral water. "

Some people felt that they have no way to fit in.

" aiya. who cares la. i memang fat already what! Fat ma fat la! "

its pretty saddening seeing how hard some people try to fit in sometimes. Its even more horrible to see those so called " oh-so-perfect-looking " people stuffing their fingers down their throat.

and you know whats worst?
people who just can't accept that they have flaws within themselves and others.

the next time you're gonna stuff the finger down your throat,


what the hell am i doing this for.

realization begins within self.
if you're not gonna help yourself, no one could.




message for my blog readers :
* the guy in my class is an exception. u know who i'm talking about. one thing. People won't exactly discriminate you if you weren't such a bastard in the first place.


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ilovefatpeople said...

he aint a bastard!hes just fat.but what a serious issue his fatness is.