Saturday, January 13, 2007

Donating to charity

Have you ever donated to charity? If no then you should. Every time you do something think of those less fortunate ones. Nothing to eat, no shelter, no parents, no family. How could one not sympathize that? We are all humans who have feelings. Don’t you feel sad for them? If only all mankind in this world can live happily. But sadly it isn’t happening. So we lucky ones should help those less fortunate people. Don’t you think so?

Invest a little doing charity. A dollar a day won’t affect your life but it will help those who are in need. Trust me, you will feel good and happy after doing charity. That kind of satisfaction is unexplainable. You could even plan ahead how much you want to contribute to charity each year. It doesn’t have to be a lot. As long as it is from the bottom of your heart. Being selfish in life wouldn’t make you a very happy man.

You see if each and every one of us contribute a dollar to charity, the final accumulation will be a lot. Besides money, you can also contribute unused items and food. Why throw you old clothing away when you can donate it to charity homes? That is another good deed. They will really appreciate it. As human beings we are suppose to help one another after all. Treat everyone as our friend and never look down on anyone. Lend them a helping hand. It will definitely do them good.

As for me, age has been a barrier. I can’t do much for charity. But still I wouldn’t want to be left out. I occasionally visit charity homes to offer my service. Service in term of a pair of helping hands and so on. Don’t be afraid to approach those charity homes as you will be welcomed with big smiles. =)

Quote of the day : Love others the way you love yourself. End your day with a smile. =)

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