Thursday, January 25, 2007

Charity Project - Day 4

Today, we collected quite a large number of donations. The total sum almost reached four figures.

Honestly, we didn't expect to be able to collect so much as we are reaching the end of this donation campaign as we didn't have someone going aorund the canteen. Many of the students have already donated. However, they donated even more today. Thanks.

We picked up the speed when we were counting the donations collected as our school was having its Anual General Meeting after recess. But no worries, our calculations were accurate.

As usual, Puan Zulaiha will be going on stage tomorrow to announce the total sum collected. Hope that everyone will support us during the last day of our campaign - tomorrow.

By the way, I promise that the photos of this donation campaign will be posted up by the end of this week.

Thank you.


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