Monday, January 22, 2007

Charity Project - Day 1

Hey guys! Today is the first day our Charity Project namely (Donation Campaign) I made the name out myself. haha because the name is in malay and it doesn't sound right in english.

So anyway today's campaign had been very successful. Much thanks to all students of SMK BUD4 who contributed some of their pocket money. Some contributed a lot and some contributed little. But that is not the most important. It is the thought that counts. As long as you have the heart to donate no matter how much is you donate, it doesn't matter.

The total sum for today's collection is a 3 figure number. Well I guess its not quite appropriate to announce the real figure out here. Let me summarize today's campaign.

During the morning assembly, Pn Zulaiha aka our counselling teacher help us to promote our campaign on stage. Then during recess we started collecting donations from students who were heading to and out of the canteen. Just by doing that we achieved quite alot. After that we went to the counselling room to count and summarize the donation. Thats all I guess.

So once again I would like to thank all who contributed!

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