Wednesday, January 17, 2007


heello everyone :]

a really brief introduction, i'm yy! heeelllo. :D

aaahh. i feel gawky posting a post here, as well, *points downward* , gossh. look at all the posts below. they're so..formal! *gasp*

so pardon my casual-ness :)
i really can't help it.

Philip just told me to blog about charity. O__________O

that ain't gonna be easy.

lets all be frank here.
everyone has a different veiw of the word "charity".

u could be a kind hearted loving soul, following in the footstep of Mother Theresa, and donating to your organs to random strangers in need of help, building up houses for the homeless, giving 90% of your salary to the poor, and u could be feeling as though u haven't done enough.

u could be giving out 10 cents to the begger by the road and felt as though you're the world greatest person.

u could be the person by the corner, mumbling " charity? what charity? no time. no money. its not like god been treating me well "

get my point?

so, exactly which one are u?

of course, everyone wants to be the Mother theresa follower, well, maybe. except if you have some obssesion about being evil and mean like mojojojo from Power puff girls * roll eyes *

but. Have you been that way?
maybe u want to. like they say. its the thought that counts.


but whats the point of wanting to be that way, if you aren't exactly moving?

You don't need to give out US 47634895734985 to do charity.
You don't need to donate your liver to do charity
and don't worry.

doing charity doesn't mean u must help the old people clean their poop. * though that would be very nice of you.

Personally, ive always felt that doing charity is plainly " making somone's day."

and don't tell me thats somthing difficult.
its not.

everyone just got excuses when it comes to doing charity.

no money
no time
no transport
my dog just die
my goldfish ate my cat

excuses. excuses. excuses.

no wonder the world's so screwed up now.

- yy -



boopla. said...

hmm.i was reading through a charity blog,and suddenly an 'energetic' post appears.honestly,you seem to be going 'screw the world!' more then 'donate PLEASE'.very effective.very effective.

Philip said...

yup i agree with ur view on charity. "making someone's day". very true indeed =)