Saturday, January 20, 2007

helping others? how about me!

if i were to tell you to give up 2 days of your week to go teach and tutor a bunch of reckless and socially rejected kids for free.

will you?

what if i say they're oprhans.

will you?

what if i say they have no idea about abc, even at the age of 8.

will you?

what if i say, you're a cancer patient.

will you still do that?

maybe 90 percent of you will nod till the third question.

and skeptism arises when you read the forth.

Thats the typical average scene. People tend to think about themselves before they offer to do charity.
and by that sentence, i'm not saying that its selfish or that its a sin.

don't deny it. I know alot of people out there, living by a motto saying " if i can't help myself, how do i help others. "

that makes sense, don't it?

but haven't you people actually think of " Maybe if i help others, i can start helping myself. "


i know of this lady, who is having breast cancer, offering her time tutoring orphans in the orphanage in her neighbourhood. she could have spent that time on hers complaining about life and crying on " WHY AM I THE ONE? "

instead. she chose the path of charity.

she said , " after helping out, I wasn't that depressed anymore. I realise, that my case is nothing compared to them "

Lets say, you have cancer, and all of a sudden, your life is hanging on a loose thread. Your world shattered down. suddenly, you see life as a sad thing. well, thats because, now, the world just revolves around your life.

if you care to actually go out there and help, maybe you'll stop being emo, and you'll realise that,

" hey. my case isn't THAT bad afterall. "

through helping out, you'll actually see the pain in others. Everything have flaws. nothing is perfect. Face it. the world isn't perfect. thats why, we need charity. somone gotta bring out the glitter dust. :)


one more thing. to avoid misunderstanding.

I didn't mention that ALL sick beings MUST help out. please. if you only have 2 more weeks to live, i advise you, yes. stay in bed and rest properly.

charity is an option.

its whether you want to do it. or you don't.

there's no must.

its your choice.


life is about choices. you're the player in this game. you set the rules. :)

-- yy--


mel said...

wow. that's true.. makes me feel kinda bad. should do some charity in the future.

Philip said...

i believe that if we wanna do something. nothing can stop us. so think positive!