Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ford Forklift Operator Donates Over $1 Million to Charity

Matel "Mat" Dawson, a forklift driver at Ford Motor Co., has donated $200,000 to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan for scholarships. The gift brings to over $1 million the total amount Dawson has donated to charity so far.

Asked what motivates him to give, Dawson said: "I was raised like that - to help others.... I enjoy it; I can go home and sleep good now."

Dawson, 78, has worked for 59 years at Ford, and might have retired decades ago. Instead, he continues to work 12-hour days, sometimes seven days a week. Although his earnings, including overtime, can reach $100,000, he lives in a one-bedroom apartment and drives a 1985 Ford Escort. His charitable donations usually are for scholarships, which he stipulates must be given on the basis of need to students of all races and backgrounds.

"I've owned big homes and big cars and that don't excite me no more," Dawson told the Detroit News. "I just want people to say that I tried to help somebody."

Source : Philanthropy News Digest - Vol. 5, Issue 15, April 14, 1999.


The story above shows how a elderly citizen of the age of 78 is willing to sacrifice the remaining of his golden years to do charity work. Instead of living in luxury, Dawson decided to continue working just so that he can donate his salary to charity. His charitable spirit is really admirable.

Imagine what we could do for charity, if we followed Dawson's noble footsteps...

- if you have what it takes, just do it. -

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