Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on Mission to Johor

9 more days till we leave for Johor to help out the flood victims. I am glad to announce that our Mission have been approved by PPD (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Petaling) just after one day we submitted the documents. This is proved that even the Education Ministry supports our action. Well how many schools will accually do what we are doing right now right?

But the response of the donation drive is not that encouraging. Therefor, I urge all students of SMK BUD (4) to do your bit for charity. I am very sure that you all have old clothing that can still be wore so please be kind and donate those clothing. Remember charity starts at home, but should not end there. Besides CNY is nearing and I know many of you will be cleaning your house and throwing your old stuffs away. You can donate those stuff that are still usable to us! Don’t throw it away!

The flood victims will be really be appreciated if they know that we care for them very much. The transportation to Johor has also been confirmed. And I have news saying that Mr. Tony our school’s Yang Di-Pertua PIBG has agreed to donate 8 cartons of bottled mineral water. I will confirm this with the authority tomorrow and let you guys know.

Anyway here is a bit on our trip to PPD yesterday (30/1/2007). We consist of Pn. Karamjit, Jamie, Justin, Sarah and me made a trip to PPD to submit the documents. It was a hilarious and enjoyable trip. Pn. Karamjit was so nervous that she couldn’t even drive properly. Our life was at risk! (Just Joking) We left at 2.30p.m. reached the PPD building at approximately 3.30p.m. Yeah what took us so long? Pn. Karamjit made a mistake by taking us to the former building of PPD. She haven’t been there for a long time so it isn’t her fault. We had a fun time anyway. After we submitted the papers Pn. Karamjit treated us lunch as we all did not have our lunch earlier. We went to Secret Recipe at Centre Point. WE arrived back to school at 515p.m.

That's all for today! Will be back with more updates!

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