Monday, January 15, 2007

Charity Project coming ALIVE

I posted about planning of a charity project yesterday. And today I am glad to announce that the project has been started. I had a meeting with the committee members today and all are looking positive to it. But we changed a few things.

Instead of collecting boxes of mineral water, we are going to collect MONEY. Well I hope everyone will be generous enough to donate. I kinda doubt so but I might be wrong you know? So we are now will dealing with paperworks and approval of this project but I have a strong feeling that its gonna realistic.

I hope all students and teachers from SMK BUD (4) will support this charity project. And let us all give some hope to the victims of the horrible flood. This is the weakest point of their life. I wish I could volunteer myself to go to Johor to personally help out but sadly I have my studies to catch up with.

Hopefully all this flooding will be over soon and all of us in Malaysia and throughout the world can live peacefully.

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