Monday, January 29, 2007

Raising Funds and items.

Dear Readers,
I have a request. I am planning to visit one Old Folks Home or Orphanage Home every month. I and a group of friends intend to donate items or cash to different Homes we visit every month. In order to do so we will need funding and sponsorship. But of course we all know that it isn’t easy to get such funding and sponsorship. So I urge all readers of Charity Blog to support our good course. And bloggers please help spread the word.

I ensure you all that this is not a prank or a way to earn money. We are doing this for the sake of charity. Many people always say that they want to do charity but don’t know how to. So our Charity Blog is your first step. Support our good course by donating items or cash to us. All items and cash will then be donated to respected Homes each month. This is all still in planning progress but I will not let this fail. No matter how long it takes us to gain support and strength I will still work on it. I believe that if one door is closed there are many other doors that are open.

I will update later on how to transfer funds and items to us. Names of donors will be published in our blog every month. If you are kind you can be a monthly contributor as well. I hope many people will give more advices and ideas as we are only teenagers who are lack of experience. I know people may not trust us in this but we will try our best to gain that trust from all of you guys. Advices and ideas on how to transfer funds and items will be most welcome.

Again, I would like to re-ensure you that we are not here to cheat your money. We are doing this for the sake of charity. Details of our Charity Projects will also be posted here every month. Pictures will also be taken when we make our visits to the Homes. And once again, I hope everyone will support our good course. Like stated on our blog’s banner “Charity begins at home, but should not end there.” So show that you care for others. Let this blog be your starting point of doing charity.

Lastly, any advices, ideas and words of encouragements can be posted in the comment page or you can e-mail us at our official e-mail address at the sidebar. May this be successful.

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